Blockchain Technology Could Transform African Countries in Ways No Other Tech Can – Study Reveals

In Blockchain news today, ten percent of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will be stored on Blockchain technologies by 2025, according to the World Economic Forum. The technology will be applied in different social spheres in the coming years. Fraud, corruption, theft, data insecurity, breeches of copyrights could be decimated with the use of Blockchain technology. Here is how Blockchain technology will be found effective in different sectors of African Nations especially.

Blockchain News Today – Cryptocurrency News Today – Blockchain Technology In Education

Blockchain will be able to stop many educational vices such a certificate forgery and breaches of academic copyrights. With Blockchain, a lifelong learning passport can be created which can be used in virtually any part of the world.

Blockchain News Today – Cryptocurrency News Today – Blockchain In Journalism

With the events occurring in the media industry, quite clearly, the industry needs to be redeemed. Revenues are depleting, modes of advertising goods and services have dropped, and the emergence of fake news platforms has been a thing of concern as well. It is still possible that readers can evaluate if their news is authentic or coming from trusted platforms; journalists can be sure of making earnings from their jobs, with the use of Blockchain technology. Crypto tokens are now being created by Blockchain lovers. Readers may even get rewarded by receiving a percentage of cryptocurrency when they read articles online.

Blockchain News Today – Cryptocurrency News Today – Blockchain In Government

Blockchain seems to be the ideal technology that can help democratic countries hold freer and fairer elections. Electoral rigging will be curbed to the barest minimum if Blockchain technology is implemented. With the technology, an authentic record of casted votes will be kept. This will be very effective in curbing voter fraud. Kenya’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has hinted in the past that it may consider the application of Blockchain technology for their voting process in the coming years. The technology can also be used for the identification of citizens as well as foreigners in a particular country. This will help border regulations and control immigration.

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Blockchain News Today – Cryptocurrency News Today – Blockchain In Health

There have been quite a few cases where surgeries have been carried out on the wrong patient in hospitals. This is as a result of mixing up one patient’s medical history and data with another. The use of Blockchain technology will help secure patient data history, thereby promoting the safety of patients in hospitals. According to researches, about 56% of healthcare providers are optimistic about using the technology by 2020. The application of this technology will also end healthcare controversies, and may even prevent malware and viruses that could corrupt a patient’s health information.

Blockchain News Today – Cryptocurrency News Today – Blockchain In Mining

Mining industries could find the application of Blockchain technology very effective in instances of corruption occurring in Mineral rights registrations. Traders of gold, diamond, emerald, and other minerals are notorious for breaking mineral laws and also involved in the mismanagement of inventory reserves. Blockchain can be used by the mining industry to carry out financial transactions and acquisition agreements.

Cryptocurrency News Today – Senate Approves Blockchain in The U.S – Crypto News Today

In cryptocurrency news today, the United States Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation approved the Blockchain promotion act on July 9. The bill was first introduced to the House on October 2018 and moved to the Senate on February 2019.


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