Ripple Faces Bearish Hurdle While Bitcoin Attempts To Stabilize, Will XRP Bulls Return?

Ripple XRP Price

Ripple News Today – The weekend remained busy for the cryptocurrency market as prices rose and fell for the various cryptocurrency coins. Most coins saw a little increase in price from 0.5% to 2.8%. Unfortunately, some coins like DASH and COSMOS remained in the red zone. The total volume of trading done over the weekend was $48 billion while the total market cap in the circulation of all digital assets rests at over $250 billion. Though Ripple XRP isn’t in the red zone, it is facing resistance in a lot of key places that could see the XRP decline if it is unable to climb up.

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Analysts and cryptocurrency researchers see a Ripple XRP price prediction showing the coin facing strong resistance at the $0.3140 level. The XRP entered a bearish zone when it broke the $0.3200 and $0.3140 support levels. The 100 hourly SMA level remained in the $0.3150 region. The lower support level of $0.3030 acted as a buffer and helped push the XRP above the $0.3050. Further Ripple price prediction indicates that the MACD bullish momentum gained by the XRP was reducing.

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On the other hand, the Bitcoin BTC seems to be consolidating in the $10,000 to $9,000 price range. The current price of the BTC sits at $9,585 and a Bitcoin BTC price prediction shows that the BTC may remain vulnerable to losses as the upward momentum seem weak. The BTC presently rests at equilibrium with both bullish and bearish pressure affecting it. The bullish trend has been unable to push the BTC to the $10,000 while bearish pressure cannot seem to push it below $9,000.

Bitcoin BTC has a Return On Investment of 6.921.68% and a market cap of over $1160 billion. There are presently close to 18 million BTC in circulation and the 24-hour volume stands at under $15 billion. Bitcoin news today learned that the Relative Strength Index supports a BTC price prediction that is bearish.

Ripple News Today – XRP News Today – XRP Price Prediction 2019 – The Road Ahead Is Still Bumpy

There had been price predictions at the beginning of the year regarding the cryptocurrency market that have proven true while others have been way off the mark. As we move nearer to the end of the year, we can only hope that the positive predictions come to pass. With the sudden interest of governments and traditional financial institutions, the cryptocurrency industry seems poised on the edge of a precipice.

Bitcoin ranks number one and stands at the head of the cryptocurrency industry. This position seems uncontestable at the moment and analysts believe that the altcoins may never be able to topple the present king of the cryptocurrency coins. The cryptocurrency market seems to be shaped to a certain degree by what happens to the Bitcoin BTC.

Ripple XRP ranks among the top ten cryptocurrency coins and has a core network that stands shoulder to shoulder with the best of them. Its robust and secure system provides solutions for banks and financial institutions. The XRP has a significant position in the altcoin market as it is also seen as a Bitcoin replacement by analysts and researchers.

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