United States Has No Power Over Bitcoin – McAfee Confident That The U.S Regulatory Effect On Bitcoin Price Temporal

Cryptocurrency News Today – The initial assertion that the cryptocurrency market and Bitcoin BTC couldn’t be influenced by the opinions and remarks of the US president and other key players in the government proved false when the prices of the crypto coins entered a slump thereafter. Analysts who predicted a stable and even upward climb of the price value of the cryptocurrency coins were also proved inaccurate. The cryptocurrency industry had been under attack by leaders of the US government and financial institutions for over a month. Facebook Libra became the scapegoat for the witch hunt against the cryptocurrency industry.

Bitcoin News Today – Cryptocurrency News Today – Bitcoin Price Prediction 2019 – McAfee Doesn’t Believe that the United States Can Stop Bitcoin

However, Bitcoin news today learned that some analysts still believed in the individuality of the cryptocurrency. Amongst this group is crypto expert John McAfee, who declared that the US government had no viable authority over the cryptocurrency market or Bitcoin in particular. He went further to say that the effects of the US stand on the cryptocurrency market was only temporal and that the prices of some crypto coins were set to bounce back up.

JohnMcAfee further said that the future was bright for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry, stating that traders, cryptocurrency enthusiasts as well as investors had no reason to panic over the present trend of the various crypto coins. He made a Bitcoin price prediction of a meteoric rise in price the following week and asked investors to be vigilant.

The antivirus giant doesn’t stand alone in his predictions as analysts and crypto researchers still give a BTC price prediction favoring $15,000 by the end of the year. Records show that the price of Bitcoin BTC was $3,000 at the beginning of the year and now, it was steady at over $9,000. This shows a 300% increase in the price of the BTC. Standing on this Bitcoin price analysis, they felt it was a sure sign that the BTC would bull through the present hurdles, including the negative stand of the US government.

Bitcoin News Today – Cryptocurrency News Today – Can The US Control The Cryptocurrency Industry?

The negative responses of the US President Donald Trump and his Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin which have been targeted at Facebook Libra and the cryptocurrency industry stem from their collective belief that the cryptocurrency market could be a safe place for illegal transactions and criminal activities.

Some analysts believe that the real fear that the US has regarding Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market was one of ‘overthrow’. With the present trend of acceptance of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market, crypto researchers and analysts believe that the crypto coin would replace the US dollar and become the standard for financial transactions worldwide.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

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Despite the United States stand on cryptocurrency, other countries seem to have grabbed the new initiative by the horn. Bitcoin latest update shows that countries like Palestine have decided to launch a cryptocurrency economy while others like Nigeria have called for the country to have a legal framework for cryptocurrency. China, on the other hand, wants to create its digital currency to compete favorably in the cryptocurrency market.


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