Another Win For Ripple As It Expands Its University Blockchain Research Initiative: Partners With Two Japanese Universities

In the ripple news today, top cryptocurrency, Ripple (XRP) has expanded its University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) by striking partnerships with two Japanese Universities – Kyoto University and the University of Tokyo. This announcement was made by Ripple on July 30, 2019. Senior director of global operations at Ripple, Emi Yoshikawa stated that the interest in blockchain within the Japanese academic sphere is high.

Ripple News Today – Changing the World With Blockchain Technology

“Japan is quickly becoming a leading force in crypto assets and blockchain. The region has always been forward-thinking and exploring ways to improve the current financial system. We have seen high levels of interest from the academic community on topics around blockchain and crypto. Ripple is committed to engaging and inspiring students to become part of the workforce of the future, across areas such as blockchain, distributed computing, banking, and fin-tech”, he noted.

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With this new development, the University of Tokyo will award scholarships to students who will involve in blockchain research. The Department of Economics of the University of Tokyo has said it will organize public seminars on blockchain and settlement. The Professors in the University’s Economics department are researching the dynamic state of the financial system. They are also researching how to set up frameworks for the regulation and supervision of crypto assets as well as blockchain technology, according to reports.

In Ripple latest update, Graduate students at Kyoto University are currently carrying out blockchain research in different areas such as digital identity management for refugees, remittances by migrant workers, and supply chain management.

Through the University Blockchain Research Initiative, Ripple has partnered with a lot of Universities. Ripple is dedicated to providing financial resources as well as technical resources and enough expertise to support the initiative, according to the announcement it made. The University Blockchain Research Initiative has partnered with 33 Universities as at the time of writing this article. Ripple noted it is convinced that as globalization and technological advancements are taking place, solutions to technological problems will be in high demand. Therefore it hopes that its partnership with different Universities will introduce a new generation of tech experts, entrepreneurs, engineers, business owners, and service providers who will have a decent knowledge of what Blockchain technology is all about. A senior vice-president of global operations At Ripple, Eric Van Miltenburg believes that the academic world has a has an important role to play in ensuring innovative companies and entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry can make blockchain technology a dominant factor in the global economy.

According to reports from Cointelegraph, the Institute for Fintech Research at Beijing’s Tsinghua University partnered with UBRI in January. The University has since launched a program designed for research on global blockchain regulations and industry development. This program is called the Blockchain Technology Research Scholarship Program.

Cryptocurrency News Today – Regulation Of Cryptocurrencies Will Keep Firms In The US, According To Circles CEO– Cryptocurrency Latest Update

In cryptocurrency latest update, The CEO of cryptocurrency trading and investment firm, Circle, believes the regulation of cryptocurrencies in the country will stop firms from moving overseas to start up new projects as several United States-based firms are moving overseas due to the proliferation of digital assets in other countries.

“The increase in the proliferation of digital asset projects outside the U.S. is prompting companies to leave the country. I think it is ultimately going to lead to, ultimately legislative initiatives to try and ensure that there are appropriate safeguards and investor protections but also clarity, which is much needed to allow the technology and industry to flourish”, he explained (Source: Cointelegraph).


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