A Massive Price Pump Seems Feasible For XRP And BTC In The Coming Months

In cryptocurrency latest update, XRP and Bitcoin have shown slight improvements in the crypto market over the last twenty-four hours. Expectations for the coins’ value by the end of the year are still high. Both coins seem to be having a good ride since yesterday; managing to gain a small but significant momentum in the market. The volatility experienced in the market in the last few days could not deter the momentum of both coins.

Ripple News Today – Ripple Is Heading Towards $0.34 Again – Ripple Price Analysis – Ripple latest update

In Ripple price analysis, the Ripple (XRP) coin seems to be heading towards $0.34 again. The coin may soon cross the $0.32 mark. The price of the coin just went above its 5-day SMA and its 20-day SMA. From the coin’s performance based on statistical analysis, it is currently showing a bullish tendency and is trading under selling pressure. Since yesterday the coin has held a stronghold above the $0.31 mark, showcasing a bullish trendline against the US Dollar. In other news, crypto top coin, Bitcoin has moved away from the slender price range of below $9,500 and is trading above $9,700 as at the time of writing. The general crypto market is currently displaying some Bullish vibes at the total market capitalization has increased from $261.44 billion to $268.45 billion in the last twenty-four hours.

During yesterday’s market, Ripple’s XRP traded between the range of $0.30 to $0.3141. Since then (starting from 11:08 UTC, the coin has shown stability above $0.31. When XRP was trading at $0.3066, it had fairly strong support and slowly climbed to $0.3195. The coin hits its twenty-four-hour high, going up by 4.99% from the support level and traded at $0.3219. XRP traced a downward correction from that point at $0.3165. However, the coin has traced a Bullish trendline.

The coin seems to have continued with its upward trend today. The price of the coin was $0.3195 at 05:17:06 UTC. The price of the coin has gone up by 2.73% over the last twenty-four hours. Its current price is a little above its 5-day SMA and 20-day SMA which shows that the coin is on a steady increase. However, the coin trading lower than its 30-day SMA and is under selling pressure.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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Ripple’s XRP coin is projected to meet a resistance above the $0.32 mark. The coin must clear this resistance or it will experience a price drop. The coin is observed to have a support level near $0.32 at the moment. If the coin doesn’t hold back on its steady increase, it may soon trade at $0.34, according to CryptoNewz.

Ripple News Today – Technical Indicators Show Increase In The Coin Price – Ripple Price Prediction – XRP Price Analysis

The coin’s MACD chart shows low volatility. Although there are indications of a Bullish price for the coin as its MACD line is above the signal line. The RSI for XRP/USD pair is close to 60 and there are no extremities observed. The coin may face resistance at the $0.3233 and $0.3281 levels as well as support levels at $0.3107 and $0.3029.

XRP is currently trading at the bearish zone just like every other top coin in the crypto market. New and existing users of the coin are well-advised to consider the resistance and support levels of the coin before carrying out any trading activity. This will help them engage in safer trades. XRP prices can still reach a high of $0.7 before the end of the year — as we hope for a fantastic 2019.

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