Bitcoin to Hit $50,000 in the Coming Years According To Latest Bitcoin Price Analysis, Sell Or Hold?

Bitcoin News Today – In the past few days, Bitcoin has continued to surge upwards in prices, after going way above its recent low of $9,100, in the Bitcoin news today. This is as a result of the gain in momentum of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the crypto market in the past few days. More interestingly, Bitcoin is forming its fourth monthly “Doji candle”, according to observers. This candle formation is signaling uncertainty about the coin’s price. From past observations, when several Doji Candles form, it usually means a massive bull run for the coin is imminent.

Bitcoin News Today – Bitcoin Price Prediction 2019 – Bitcoin Latest Update – Bitcoin Climbs to $10,600 – Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin is trading up to 6% with its current price at $10,620 as at the time of writing this article. This is a significant upward movement for the coin going from its twenty-four-hour lows of below 10,000. The coin has gathered notable volatility. This is the reason why its trading range is currently very wide — with a high of $10,620 and a weekly low of $9,100.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

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Analysts believe the coin will rise to $11,000 again in a short time. This is the price at which the coin was rejected a few weeks ago. Bitcoin had a sharp increase in price that saw it move to the $11,000 mark before dropping down to the $9,000 region. As the Bitcoin currently nears the $11,000 mark again, it remains increasingly uncertain if Bitcoin will experience another rejection at that mark or not. “Bitcoin is very much lining up with the big macro picture…it is a rocket ship poised for a launch… Apparently, the coin should be considered a great macro asset at the moment”, Raoul Pal, a popular crypto analyst, and economists recently explained.

Bitcoin News Today – Bitcoin Price Prediction – Is Bitcoin Gathering Momentum For A Parabolic Movement To $50,000?

In the bitcoin price prediction, Based on recent observations, with hopes that the coin’s macro pictures don’t weaken or the coin seems to be gaining momentum for a great leap to an all-time high of $50,000. According to a popular crypto analyst on Twitter and Moon Overlord, in a recent tweet, discussed this potential leap. He referred to a chart that clearly showed the similarities of Bitcoin’s current price performance and its performances in the past years. In his tweet, he said, “There have been three Doji monthly candles along the median long term regression line after bitcoin surged past it. Bitcoin has tapped the upper band after each one. This month q fourth Doji candle will be formed — albeit it is uncertain. A run to the top band will put Bitcoin at $50,000”.

The uncertainty of Bitcoin’s prices will soon become clear to analysts as Bitcoin continues its current market performance and has almost climbed up to the $11,000 mark. Soon, we will gain a better understanding as to the direction the markets are heading.

Bitcoin News Today – Bitcoin Price Prediction – UK Newspaper, The Sun, Raises Diminishing Bitcoin Supply Concerns To Readers

In other cryptocurrency news, The Sun, UK’s largest and most-read newspaper has brought up the issue of Bitcoin’s increasingly limited supply to its readers. The newspaper headlined the article on the issue as “DRY SUPPLY: Bitcoin supply is running out as 85% of ALL coins now ‘mined’ – and experts say the price could soar”. The article showed bullish sentiments as it tried to explain that the diminishing supply is a catalyst for higher prices.

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