Startup CryptoEQ remixes cryptocurrency analysis


CryptoEQ disrupts the cryptocurrency analysis space with intuitive, best-in-class fundamental, technical, and trend analysis

HOUSTON, May 28, 2019 – Ambitious startup CryptoEQ announces the beta release of their innovative ratings and analysis service, empowering a new generation of traders and investors. CryptoEQ provides the world with free, best-in-class fundamental, technical, and trend analysis, all accessible via a sleek and intuitive user interface that can be accessed at . The idea for CryptoEQ was born out of the CoFounders’ frustration with the paucity of reliable sources of clear, concise, and curated information on cryptocurrencies and digital assets. CryptoEQ endeavors to fill that information gap. Prior to CryptoEQ, investors, traders and enthusiasts would need to spend days digging through various websites, articles, and blogs to uncover the insights that CryptoEQ provides in an intuitive and visually appealing interface.

CryptoEQ Offerings:

CryptoEQ is launching with three pillars of market analysis: Core Ratings and Reports, Trading Signals, and Trend Analysis. These three products are based on CryptoEQ’s cultural values— Trust, Integrity, and Quality— that the company upholds in all its offerings.

Fundamental Ratings and Reports

CryptoEQ’s fundamental analysis provides everything needed to make up-to-date and informed decisions regarding the quality of a digital asset in this ever-evolving and revolutionary industry. The analysis employs a proprietary rating system coupled with the experience and expertise of CryptoEQ’s Core Fundamentals Team to arrive at robust asset ratings and detailed reports. This system offers a comprehensive, nuanced, and tactful market outlook in an industry plagued by unreliable data. The CryptoEQ system explores 10 Core Categories to frame the analysis of each asset, and arrive at a rating.

These categories are: Use Case, Technology, Economics, Governance, Vulnerabilities, Network Effects, Team, User Experience, Regulation, and Road Map. The end result of the analysis is an easily-interpreted rating, as well as a detailed report of the overall projected quality of the digital asset over a 3-year time horizon. The ratings include (from best to worst) Gold, Silver, Bronze, Neutral, and Deficient .

Trading Signals

Along with Fundamental Analysis, CryptoEQ provides realtime trading signals to help traders and investors identify market entry and exit points. The CryptoEQ website helps traders determine if an asset is overbought or oversold through trading signals that are presented in an intuitive user interface.

CryptoEQ produces their trading signals using proprietary algorithms that take into consideration popular momentum indicators including, but not limited to, Relative Strength Index (RSI), Stochastic Oscillator (SO), and Stochastic Relative Strength Index (SRSI) .

Trending Signals

In addition to the trading signals, CryptoEQ’s website displays an indicator which will alert users if a particular crypto asset is experiencing an increase in media hype or activity. For example, if there is a significant spike in searches for a crypto asset, that crypto asset is more likely to be flagged as trending on the website.

Where to find CryptoEQ:

All ratings and signals are provided free to users via the website . You can find additional content on our social media platforms, which include Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, and LinkedIn. For logos and promotional images see our press kit .

About CryptoEQ:

The idea behind CryptoEQ started with exploratory conversations at cryptocurrency meetups throughout the state of Texas. In the early stages of the company, the CoFounders kept running into the same problem: sources for reliable information in the marketplace were scarce and insights were always scattered. Various websites showcased products that provided users with some form of fundamental, technical, or trend analysis, but no resource provided quality research into all three pillars of market analysis in a simple and easily-digestible format. With their mission set, they assembled the team and worked diligently to bring their solution to market. The CryptoEQ team has been working on their initial suite of products over the past year. They have launched their beta website, with plans to expand their team and products, while continuing to inspire cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world!


CryptoEQ is solely a research tool and should not be considered investment advice. Any projections are based on estimates, and actual results may vary.

Media Contact:
[Spencer Randall, Principal, CryptoEQ]


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