XRP May Be Up But It Still Has A Long Way To Recovery Along With Bitcoin

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The cryptocurrency market had a boost in the value of assets at the beginning of the month. This seemed a pleasant relief from the turbulent month of July, where prices crashed and struggled to break even. The perceived boon didn’t last long though as things seem to have reverted to the pattern of the previous month. Bitcoin BTC looks to be holding as they hit an all-month high of over $12,000 while Ethereum looks to be holding. The same cannot be said for the other leading cryptocurrency assets. Most of the other crypto coins haven’t had a good tale so far.

Ripple News Today – XRP Price Prediction 2019 – XRP Prediction 2019 – XRP Recovers But Has A Long Way To Go

The XRP started the week in a pleasant note as it rose sharply to over the $0.3320 resistance level. It was also able to scale the $0.3300 resistance level and touched $0.3320. However, feeling the heavy blow of bearish pressure, Ripple XRP couldn’t maintain the upward flow and dipped in price. Ripple latest update learned that the XRP fell below the $0.3250 and $0.3220 support zones and touched $0.3100 level, where it traded for a low value of $0.3065. Presently the XRP is trying to correct at above $0.3100. it will have a difficult uphill battle as the next resistance level rests at $0.3125. Also, there is the 23.6% Fib retracement level acquired due to the decline from a $0.3317 high to $0.3065 low to contend with close to the resistance level at $0.3125.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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On a bit of positive note, the main resistance is close to the $0.3180 mark. This means that a key resistance is likely to form at $0.3180, which will also create a bearish trend for the XRP. The 100 hourly SMA will also be a resistance point at the same $0.3180 mark. The 50% Fib retracement of the decline from $0.3317 high to $0.3065 low is at the $0.3191 mark. Analysts are giving a Ripple price prediction that shows a bearish trend. The XRP is bound to face a lot of resistance at the $0.3180 level and also the $0.3200 level. The XRP will have to close above the $0.3200 if it hopes to rise above the $0.3220 mark.

Ripple News Today – XRP Price Prediction 2019 – XRP Prediction 2019 – The Ripple XRP Needs To Swing Clear

The next few days could see Ripple XRP move into a bullish momentum if XRP price prediction is to be believed. The XRP dropped below some crucial supports like $0.3220 and $0.3200. There could be a struggle for the XRP to gain bullish momentum if it cannot overcome the $0.3200 level. The key support levels on the downside are near the $0.3080, $0.3065 and $0.3020 mark. The hourly MACD shows a move to the bullish zone.

The Relative Strength Index is climbing near the 50 levels and supports Ripple price prediction of bullish pressure coming soon. This XRP price prediction can only hold if the XRP doesn’t succumb to the bearish pressure that seeks to pull it down. There are major support levels at $0.3080, $0.3065 and $0.3020. There are also major resistance levels at $0.3180, $0.3200 and $0.3220.

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