Ripple’s XRP Supporter Base Increases As More TRX Holder Trade Their Tokens for XRP

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The supporter-base of Ripple’ XRP is increasing regularly. According to some experts, more crypto fans and users are now joining the XRP community of Ripple. Ripple supporters are emphasizing on the functionality and potential of the digital currency. As a result, some Tron (TRX) holders are now trading their TRX tokens for XRP tokens.

Another fascinating reason why the fan-base of Ripple is growing enormously is the attitude of the CEO of Ripple – Brad Garlinghouse. Garlinghouse has been very active and he has been working tirelessly towards the development of the firm. Some users are saying that the CEO of Ripple is capable of doing what he says, unlike the CEO of Tron (TRX) – Justin Sun.

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Ripple is gaining new supporters and some of its new supporters are Tron (TRX) fans. A Tron holder with an enormous amount of TRX tokens just moved to XRP. Recently, the TRX owner, who owns about 3 million TRX tokens, announced that he is trading his tokens for Ripple’s XRP. According to analysts, the user switched to XRP because of a decrease in confidence for the Tron project. Former supporters of Tron (TRX) said that they find XRP more interesting now since it is a really working product.

In a tweet, the former Tron fan that owns 3 million TRX tokens said:

“Tron is a nice project, but they use its own HYPE to grow the bank account of Justin Sun. XRP is focused on its own token. Tron is dumping and Sun is promoting OCN, then BitTorrent Token (BTT), Now WIN, what’s next? XRP will be my alternative investment ‘less long-term risk.’ Obviously, Bitcoin (BTC) is my biggest hold.”

In the comments of this post, a lot of people supported him, adding that they also want to turn their attention to Ripple. New XRP fans also commented that they are very comfortable and satisfied with the higher stability of the digital currency. A Twitter user that goes by the name “Lif3isgood” said:

“I officially dropped out of Tron (TRX) two weeks ago after I sold my last BitTorrent Tokens. I lost faith in Tron Foundation. I have been HODLing XRP for two years now and I have no doubt it is going places in the future.”

Ripple has greatly contributed to the return and entrance of many digital asset investors into the crypto space. The firm has some products it uses for cross-border payments. Some of its products use XRP to process transactions, and some banks and financial institution across the globe are using its products, such as xRapid, xCurrent, and RippleNet.

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On the 7th of August, a major digital currency trading platform – the Poloniex American – added Ripple’s XRP to the list of tradable digital currencies on its platform. XRP (XRP) is trading in pairs with USDC and Tether (USDT). XRP fans and investors reacted positively to the new listing and they showed excitement across several social media platforms. However, the trading platform did not give any specific reason why they added XRP to the platform.

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