Bitcoin Maintains Uptrend While Altcoins Stagger, How Long Will It Last?

Bitcoin News Today – The third quarter of the year has seen the cryptocurrency market in a very volatile state. A lot of cryptocurrencies have found it hard to rise in value and the few that did have been unable to maintain that trend for a long time. Bitcoin BTC has been able to rise head and shoulder above the other coins and has shown growth in price. Though it has been a rocky time for the number one cryptocurrency coin, the BTC has been able to weather the storm and even rise above it.

Bitcoin News Today – Bitcoin Price Prediction 2019 – Bitcoin Latest Update – Cryptocurrency News Today – BTC. Vs Altcoins

Bitcoin BTC was able to climb to a new monthly high when the price value reached $12,320. It has since consolidated its gains and has remained stable in the $12,000 region. BTC price prediction sees Bitcoin rising to $12,400 in the coming weeks. The rise started when it broke the $10,800 and $11,000 resistance levels. It climbed steadily above the next resistance levels and was able to enter a bullish trend that pushed it into a positive zone. The next major resistance level waiting for the BTC is the $12,500 level. Surmounting this level, the price of Bitcoin BTC could enter the $13,000 realm and remain there.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

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The altcoins have not been so successful over the past few months though some have been able to make a fair show of staying positive. Standing in this category is Ethereum ETH which has been able to stay above the major $200 support level. It was able to trade above the $220 and $225 resistance levels but could not maintain the growth as the bulls couldn’t hold on to the coin. ETH price prediction shows that there have to be a successful close above $235 and $240 resistance levels if the coin hopes to sustain its upward climb.

Another coin that has shown significant growth is Binance BNB. In the past couple of days, the BNB has been able to gather support at the $27.40 level and even moved above the two resistance levels of $28.00 and $28.50. This climb enabled the bulls to exert pressure on the coin and pushed the coin above the $31.00 level. Above the $31.00 level is a resistance level at $32.00. Beating this level would bring the price of BNB to the $33 zone.

Bitcoin News Today – Bitcoin Price Prediction 2019 – Bitcoin Price Analysis – Other Coins Not Showing A Positive Growth

Litecoin showed s spike in price at the beginning of the week and even surpassed the $100 resistance level but was unable to maintain the trend and dropped below the $100 support level. The price of Litecoin finally settled below the $90 level. A Litecoin price prediction favors a rise above the $100 support level if it can overcome the resistance levels at $97 and $98.

Over the past 7 days, some small-cap altcoins were able to show some growth and climbed higher, gaining as much as 75%. In this group are MNX, DXG, XRC, BOOM and YOU. Out of the small-cap altcoins, MNX and DXG made the most gain. Despite this, the prognosis for the major altcoins shows a difficult road ahead.


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