Ripple’s CEO Plans To Move Ahead With More Investments Even As XRP Price Slumps

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Ripple News Today – Though Ripple may not be number one in ranking in the cryptocurrency market, it stands at the head with its investments mergers and partnerships. Ripple news today learned that Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse planned on moving the company forward with new deals, acquisitions, and investments. Brad Garlinghouse made this statement after Ripples second quarterly report for the year was revealed. The report showed that the total sales of the company’s cryptocurrency token XRP had risen by 48% to over $250 million. This rise was caused primarily by an increase in institutional sales.

Ripple News Today – XRP News Today – Ripple’s Brad Garlinghouse Moves Forward With Investments

Ripple news today also learned that in an interview with an online newspaper, Ripple CEO said that he was glad about the present state of the company, that the company had a strong balance sheet and was growing strongly. He also stated that he would press the present advantage that Ripple had.

It would be noted that MoneyGram announced last week that the remittance company would begin to use Ripples platform xRapid for its international transfers as xRapid can help maintain liquidity during these transfers. Garlinghouse informed the public that MoneyGram integrated the xRapid for its US dollars to Mexican and Philippian pesos pairing. He also said that there were moves to have the MoneyGram service for other currencies using XRapid by 2020. The Ripple CEO told the press that a further $20 million had been marked to invest in MoneyGram. He refused to reveal the names of the companies or industries that Ripple had plans for mergers or partnerships.

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Garlinghouse said that the company would do anything that would make the company grow faster and enable Ripple to serve it’s customers better. The CEO was proud to say that Ripple was one of the largest investors in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Ripple had made about $500 million investment in the space of 18 months. Ripple has shown a history of advancing the use of its native XRP by forming mergers and partnerships. Since the beginning of the year, Ripple has released close to 1.5 billion XRP from its escrow account to finance research and development of projects for its RippleNet platform. Ripple still owns about 55% of XRP, which is valued at more than $13 billion.

Ripple News Today – XRP News Today – Ripple Gearing Up To Lead In Solutions

Ripple is known for its dynamic solutions around the world. It’s xRapid and xCurrent is used by more than 20 banks and financial institutions worldwide. Ripple platform guarantees fast transactions as it can process up to a thousand transactions per second. The xCurrent is used in the conversion of different currencies in combination with xRapid.

Ripple XRP is currently the third-ranked coin in the cryptocurrency industry and is valued at $0.30. The Return On Investment of the XRP is 5,010.54% and a market cap of over $12.8 billion. There are over 42.8 billion XRP in circulation and the 24-hour trading stands at over $980 million. The Ripple XRP price prediction favors the XRP to reach $0.35 by the end of the year.

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