Ethereum Price Predictions Reveal An Upcoming Surge In The Price Of ETH

Ethereum Price Prediction 2019 – The waters of the cryptocurrency market remain choppy as coins are still bowing under bearish pressure. Every marginal increment made by the cryptocurrency coins has been met by larger slides as the coins oscillate and dance to an unpleasant beat. For most coins, researchers and analysts see dark days ahead.

Ethereum News Today – Ethereum Price Prediction 2019 – Ethereum Price Analysis – Ethereum Primed For A Bull Run

Ethereum ETH began the past week on a positive tone has it tried to rise above the $240 level earlier imposed on it by the market. It successfully made the climb but as the story of every coin in recent days, the momentum couldn’t be kept and the ETH slipped back. the ETH couldn’t hold above the $235 and fell below the $230 support level. The dip didn’t end there as the coin slipped below the crucial support level of $220. A bullish attempt to raise the coin to $224 failed and led to the ETH crashing to the $200 support level. The coin was able to hold and an upside correction began at the $205 level.

The ETH moved upward above the 23.6 Fib retracement level when it fell from the $240 high to $200 low. The ETH is currently struggling at the $214 – $215 range and there is a bearish trend forming at the same level the ETH is struggling at. The Ethereum price prediction favors an upward surge in the value of the ETH if the coin can surmount the bearish pressure at the $215 level. Unfortunately, the reverse would be the case if the ETH isn’t able to push above the bearish pressure.

The $220 level and 100 4-hour SMA is the next important resistance level the ETH has to overcome. Overcoming this level will bring the coin into the next resistance level of $240. If the ETH is not able to push through the $220 resistance level, the coin will fall back to the $200 support level. The ETH price prediction made by analysts for the 4-hour MACD states that the ETH will likely move back into the bullish zone.

Ethereum News Today – Ethereum Price Prediction – The Future For Ethereum Is Still Positive

Existing holders of Ethereum ETH are slightly upset at the downslide of the ETH and its inability to maintain a bullish trend. On the other hand, new users eager to join the network see the slump in price as an opportunity to invest in the coin. The resistance levels for the coin are $231, $226 and $218 while the support levels are $205, $200 and $192.

The Return On Investment of the ETH 7414.14% and the ETH in circulation is 107 million. The market cap is $22.8 billion and the 24hour volume is above $7 billion. The Ethereum is ranked as the number two coin in the cryptocurrency market after Bitcoin. The ETH price prediction for the year 2019 favors an increase in the value of the coin. Analysts and researchers believe that the value of the coin can increase to $250. The Ethereum ETH remains a safe bet for investors and cryptocurrency traders.

What do you the Ethereum price prediction 2019? Will the price of Ethereum rise against the USD.

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