Charles Lee Regrets After Buying XRP at $0.3 Instead of its Current Rate at $0.295


According to reports, Charles Lee, the renowned financial expert and economist, has been angry at himself after he bought XRP when its price was $0.3. Now, the price of XRP has dropped to $0.295. The crypto investor began to feel regret over his impatience. Lee feels that if he had exercised more patience or even calculated better before making the investment in the number three crypto by market capitalization, he would have been able to buy more of the token today at a lower price, $0.295.

Going by the current state of things, the price of the majority of the top digital assets have been in the red. Crypto prices have nosedived along with Bitcoin. Although as of press time Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV have turned green. While Tether was the only top ten coin that didn’t enter the red zone with Bitcoin. According to CoinMarketCap chart, the price-performance pattern of XRP and the rest of the other seven top ten coins are in the red zone.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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Why Does Lee Feel Regret Over His Recent Investment?

Although the performance of the number three largest cryptocurrency by capitalization has not been great in the recent trade sessions, crypto enthusiasts believe the parent company of XRP, Ripple does not promote its native token well enough in its crusade for better Blockchain adoption. Ripple is reportedly more concerned about promoting its decentralized financial tools to financial institutions and banks for cross-border settlements.

Just recently, Ripple, went on to integrate its XRP cryptocurrency with some of its financial tools. These tools include xRapid and xCurrent. Despite many predictions that this integration will boost XRP price, it has not really made any significant impact on XRP price.

What Other Issues are Affecting XRP’s Price Performance?

While giving a highlight of the state of XRP in the market, Lee explained in his speculative theory that XRP price will increase in the future. He believes that the project he will increase as the number of activities on the Blockchain network increases. The price-performance of XRP will continue in a narrow range. However, if the transaction volume of XRP increases, the coin’s price will increase via a step by step upward action.

Lee also stressed that most of the partnerships that the Ripple network has entered into (in an effort to boost the transaction volume of XRP) haven’t been effective so far. An example here is the network’s recent partnership with global payments transfer giant, MoneyGram. Although, the way or extent that MoneyGram will use the XRP token isn’t indicated.

XRP Price Performance Has Raised Eyebrows in the Ecosystem

It is no secret that the price performance of XRP has become a cause for concern among investors like Lee, the finance expert and crypto investor. The reason for this is that, when the price of other cryptos went up, the price of XRP did not go up well enough. Hence, Lee’s speculative theory indicates that the price action of the other digital assets won’t have any significant effects on the price of XRP. Lee regrets that his decision to invest in XRP isn’t viable enough with what he initially expected.

Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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