Ripple can rise further, signing up newer and newer clients / Ripple Price Live Today

Ripple is currently trading around $ .69. It is up from around $ .55 low which it may just a couple of days back. According to most of the experts, Ripple can increase further. The underlying fundamentals of Ripple are very positive. The company is signing up newer and newer clients.

Increasing potential in Ripple:

The clients of ripple protocol are not just banks and financial institutions. Many of the corporate businesses are also using the ripple protocol in order to get the payments done. Many of the international shipping companies are also consistently utilizing ripple in order to move their money. Thus, the potential for ripple as well as the actual usage of Ripple is increasing considerably. This is one of the main reasons why experts believe that Ripple will increase in the future.

Moreover, the management of Ripple is proactive. They are always letting the investors know about the latest developments. If indeed, such latest developments are known easily, it will be very bullish for Ripple.

Moreover, the flow of Ripple is strictly controlled as well. This means that sudden flooding of Ripple is not possible as well. The founders of Ripple have already come to an agreement regarding the quantity which they will be releasing on a regular basis. This is the reason why there is no risk of sudden supply as well.

Moreover, the verification times of Ripple are much less as compared to the other cryptocurrencies. This is one of the main advantages of ripple.

As you can see, when you compare it with some of the other cryptocurrencies, Ripple is quite different. Ripple actually has an application behind the cryptocurrency. This is the reason why many investors believe that it will rise sooner than later.

If you look into the performance of ripple in the current year, it has been pretty negative. It has fallen from $ 3.53 all the way down to $ .67 currently. This is the reason why investors are confused about ripple. Even though they see the potential but they are surprised by the huge negative move in Ripple. This is the reason why the momentum in ripple is lacking.

Each and every investor, as well as cryptocurrency enthusiasts, are aware of the potential but the price is defying potential. As a result, investors are not sure whether they should believe the fundamentals or whether they should trust the price movement which has been largely negative.

David is passionate about learning cryptography, tech and the Internet. He has years of experience working at international investment projects. Growing interested in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies in late 2015, he joined Smartereum as an editor.


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