Baidu, Chinese Search Engine, Ranks “Bitcoin Scam” As Top Search Suggestion

Bitcoin News Today – While Bitcoin has been leading the pack of cryptocurrencies in the world in terms of users, price, popularity, and base, China has been opposition to the idea of cryptocurrency use, especially Bitcoin since it was launched. However, the country has decided to embrace its idea of creating its virtual digital currency but still seems to be skeptical towards the use of bitcoin despite its fast-growing popularity and use. Furthermore, the Chinese media, especially the Chinese popular search engine Baidu, has reportedly topped the criticism as it ranks the term “Bitcoin Scam” as the top search results and suggestions for anything related to Bitcoin. But, the Bitcoin search phrase “Bitcoin price” is the most popular search input on the site.

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It is said to be the search suggestion, which is readily available for all users, including new users even when the cookies are cleared up, it shows on the search engine. The baffling part for Bitcoin users and supporters is that this has been on the Baidu search suggestion for several years after Bitcoin was launched. Though not everyone has been in support of Bitcoin since it was invented 10 years ago, a few years later, more people have begun to like the invention and supports its uses.

The Chinese government took a step further, defining Bitcoin as a virtual commodity and it’s not recognized as a legal tender. Although not all but few important government officials have spoken for Bitcoin in recent times.

It is highly disappointing that a country like China, that has been one of the leading nations of the world in advanced technologies, has deliberately attempted to discourage the use of Bitcoin despite its worldwide recognition.

Bitcoin supporters have aired out their opinions on social media. Mostly on Twitter, for instance, a Twitter user commented “maybe it’s only the second because the government wants it to be”, this implies that the search term may be second because the Chinese government wants it to be ranked that high.

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However, Most Chinese citizens are highly interested in the use of Bitcoin, despite the government’s negative approach and perceptions of Bitcoin. Moreover, The Chinese government had earlier banned any form of trade with Bitcoin and every other cryptocurrency in the country. Any exchange using cryptocurrencies is impossible as they are closely monitored in the country. Bitcoin virtually became more dominant at the time, because users have the option of resorting to the use of Virtual Private Networks(VPN) to avoid being traced.

Eventually, China is not the only country resisting the use of Bitcoin. Other countries like Vietnam, Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, and Russia has been against the use of Bitcoin and every other cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity over the years for trading just like the traditional hard currency system for the transaction.

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Well, whether the Chinese government changes it’s a perception of Bitcoin or continues to resist cryptocurrencies and create its digital currency, only time will tell. But the vast Chinese majority is clearly on the side of Bitcoin regardless of where the government stands.

Max writes about blockchain projects and regulation with a special focus on United States and China. He joined Smarterum after years of writing for various media outlets.


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