Ripple’s Xpring Set To Become A Developer Platform, XRP Community Excited By The New Prospect

Ripple News Today – Ripple, the company behind the XRP token has been under fire for a while now. While some members of the cryptocurrency community have accused Ripple of manipulating the price of XRP, others say that the company is trading unregistered securities. Even if there is a lot of criticism facing Ripple, it’s difficult to deny the company’s outstanding success. One of these achievements that has reinvented the XRP ecosystem is Xpring. 

Ripple News Today – XRP News Today – Xpring And The XRP Developer Community

Recently, the senior vice president of Xpring Ethan Beard, talked about how the company is working on expanding the XRP ecosystem through Xpring. He said they are already putting certain plans in place to make sure that more institutions embrace XRP as the original reason for the creation of Xpring is to promote the adoption and use cases of XRP.

Beard said that he is happy that Xpring is working perfectly as a developer platform noting that the team is now 10 times larger than it was this time last year. In his words;

“We’re building out APIs, SDKs and various libraries and services to make it so that anyone who wants to come along and build on XRP can do so very easily. And then we’ll also be spending a lot of time bringing these products to market and reaching developers wherever they are around the world.”

He said that Xpring is going to start hosting developer conferences where top developers can meet and discuss. Already, the Xpring funding arm has invested in more than 20 blockchain startups. The total amount that has been invested so far is about $500 million.

Apart from the $500 million investment in 20 companies, Xpring recently gave Coil a grant worth 1 billion XRP for content monetization and expansion of Interledger Protocol. This is also another move that would lead to an increase in the adoption of XRP.

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The founder of Interledger Protocol and Coil, Stefan Thomas, said that blockchain technology has an edge over traditional tech when it comes to content creation because everyone who create content wants more control and power over monetization. The goal is to provide an internet of value.

XRP News Today – Ripple News Today – XRP Latest Update

Meanwhile, the XRP token has been on a rollercoaster ride over the last few months. However, it was the best performing cryptocurrency among the top coins over the weekend. It surged by more than 9% within a 24 hour period after reaching a key support area. At the time of writing, the price of XRP was hovering above the $0.28 level against the USD and BTC. Analysts believe that there will higher highs near-term.

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