$15 Billion Added to Crypto Markets – Altcoins Experiencing Upward Movements 


Cryptocurrency News Today – With Bitcoin repossessing market supremacy of over two-thirds of the entire cryptocurrency market capitalization, conversations concerning the market share of major altcoins have left the prevailing cryptocurrency discourse. Most of 2019 has witnessed the altcoins take taking different fluctuating price movements as the major currency experienced a surge. Although the price movement did not go as low as it did in mid-December 2018 when traders and investors were unsure of what is to become of the currencies, till now some of the currencies have not found their balance yet from that low.

Bitcoin News Today – Altcoin News Today – Cryptocurrency News Today – Altcoins Start Recovering After Major Sell-off

The weekend has been one of partnership for the crypto market, in a recent Bitcoin price analysis, Bitcoin has maintained its upsurge to stay in five figures. However on Monday morning, there has been a significant price movement in altcoin prices as they surpass Bitcoin in their recent price surge. Going by the recent Altcoin price analysis, the current price movement is far from recovery as the bulk of them are still over 80 percent behind from their all-time highs. In a recent Altcoin price prediction, some crypto-analyst believes something positive is coming, as traders are optimistic about the future. The overall crypto market capitalization has increased by $15 billion over the past 24 hours as it hunts $280 billion.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

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As observed in the Bitcoin price analysis, a few hours ago, Bitcoin made a move past resistance, altcoins are not lagging as they are seen charging at the moment. Ethereum price analysis signified a decline below $185 yesterday, indicating that Ethereum has garnered 8 percent to move to the $200 level once again. Nico, a crypto trader, has logged the breakout, he stated that more surge will be possible if the $200 level can be penetrated.

“Nice breakout after a short test of the 175$ level with HL sequence & a pennant (that was bearish) but ended breaking to the upside… Currently testing the ~200$ resistance level, if flipped into support, we can start thinking about a long setup…”

Meanwhile, in Ripple price analysis, Ripple’s XRP token has also made an unusual rise toting 8 percent currently to reach $0.287, although for the XRP coin to experience any further surge, it must get back to the $0.30 level and rise above it. During the recent Asian trading in a few hours ago, the BTC price analysis shows Bitcoin broke through resistance to get to its highest level for almost a week at $10,700. The ensuing resistance level for BTC is around $10,800, paving way for an upsurge of up to $11,400. Bitcoin Cash has reflected a 5 percent increment to the top $320, though going by the recent Litecoin price analysis, Litecoin has done slightly better by accumulating 7.5 percent, this puts LTC close down to $80 once again. Rounding out the top ten are EOS, BSV and Monero are generating 6-7 percent on the day. Other altcoins of note doing well in the market currently are Cardano, Qtum, Tron, and Dogecoin. Although the altcoins are in a way influencing the overall crypto market cap, the gains are not all theirs. Markets are all trading well this Monday morning and the altcoins are finally getting a part of the crypto vibe from traders.


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