Creator of XRP Tip Bot Unveils “XRP Text” To Enable Token Transfer Via Text


At a time when the XRP ecosystem needs some good news, XRPL Labs delivers with the launch of a new offering for XRP users. Wietse Wind, XRPL’s lead developer unveiled the XRP Text product. This offering comes from a Ripple-funded startup which is centered on strengthening the XRP community.

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XRP Text Allows Users to Transfer XRP Via Text

The offering aims to diversify the use cases of XRP like the previous Tip Bot Wind developed. This time, XRP text allows users to transfer XRP using text messages.

The idea is still in the works but its website has been launched already. SMS transfers are in the beta testing stage and once fully tested, the product will be launched.

The company is responsible for the famous XRP Tip Bot that allows users to tip content creators on social media platforms.

So far, there is a restriction on the number of countries that can use the service. This means that it may take a while to take the service to users of XRP all over the world. Users who can use the service are stated on the website and can find out more about the offering.

Users around the globe can find out more by calling a phone number on the site. German, Dutch and Swedish users can send text messages to different numbers for the same purpose.

Ripple Hopes to Push Mass Adoption through its Startups

The investment arm of Ripple Lab, Xpring invested in XRPL Labs in February 2019. The company’s goal aligned with Ripple’s vision to increase the adoption of its native token, XRP.

Ripple Xpring’s director, Vanessa Pestritto, said XRPL Labs is more focused on building the ecosystems around XRP Ledger and Interledger Protocol. This made it a good fit for the funding.

Wieste Wind is also a strong community member of XRP. As the lead developer in XRPL Labs, Wind dedicates his time to developing tools and projects that would benefit the larger XRP community. Wind is also an entrepreneur whose tech consulting firm has served several companies in the past.

He developed the XRP Tip Bot and is also working on a Signing Platform App that interacts with the XRP Ledger. The firm is also working on a Decentralized Exchange UI that allows XRP users to view, create as well as cancel offers on the XRP Ledger Decentralized Exchange.

XRP users can also expect a mobile banking app called Xumm where they can transact in XRP as well as fiats.


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