EMURGO Signs MOUs With South Korea: How Will This Help TO Expand Cardano’s Adoption?

Cardano news update: Korea Blockchain Contents Association (KBCCA) and the Korea Mobile Game Association (KMGA) endorsed the MOUs contracts, both of which are authorized by the South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT. Both companies strive to develop innovative and practical digital content and gaming environment. This they intend to achieve by going into partnerships and developing platforms for stakeholders to share their resources.

The primary goal of the contract is to collectively identify and explore ‘potentially aligned synergies.’ They intend to achieve this by incorporating with Cardano’s blockchain-based solutions into the two Korean companies. The purpose of these contracts concurs with EMURGO’s mission also, EMURGO’s mission is to boost the global adoption of Cardano and add value to those who hold ADA.

Cardano News Today – Cardano Price Forecast – Ada News Today – Cardano Price Analysis – Slight Price Surge of ADA

On Cardano price analysis today, there is yet to be an evident effect of the partnership on Cardano’s native cryptocurrency, ADA. Although the coin experienced a slight price surge of over 6 percent in the past 24hours and is currently trading at $0.05.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


EMURGO is the official associate and commercial wing of Cardano which is headquartered in Singapore, with branches around the world. EMURGO is working with the Cardano Foundation and IOHK to expand the Cardano’s network on the international level, and to improve the Cardano adoption globally.

The CEO of Emurgo, Ken Kodama, stated that “EMURGO is pleased to collaborate with KBCCA & KMGA to foster the continued development of blockchain-based content & mobile gaming industries. With digital content & mobile gaming rising in popularity year after year, there is a huge untapped potential to implement blockchain-based solutions into these lucrative industries.”

Korea Block Chain Contents Association (KBCCA) associated with more than one hundred and fifty member companies. The company mainly serves through mobile and other content projects and concentrate on the services that are combined blockchain content. While Korea Mobile Game Association (KMGA), operates with more than eight hundred member companies towards achieving the goal of creating the game developer companies and equally strives for expansion of the employees. This goal is to pursue through on-site and pragmatic support.

South Korea poses a solid digital gaming industry. The country has a fervent gaming culture, and its developed internet foundation only supports this interest further. This fact makes the country the fourth largest in the gaming market globally. Going with the global trend of the use of technology, South Korean consumers are also leaning towards online content platforms. South Korea is known for its highest number of smartphone users. The tech-savvy environment in South Korea gives Cardano the perfect landing to execute Cardano’s third-generation blockchain-based solutions into prominent game development and content creation enterprises.


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