Apple Plans The Launch Of Its Latest iPhone, Will It Include Crypto Wallet? What Would This Mean For Cryptocurrencies? 

Cryptocurrency Latest Update – Apple Inc. is an American global technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that plans, creates, and sells consumer computer software, electronics, and online services. It is deemed one of the Big Four tech companies alongside Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Apple is set is launching its new iPhone, the release date is on the 10th of September 2019. The launch will birth three new models which will be available for sale from 20-21 September. XS and XS Max successors could be brand-named iPhone Pro.

Cryptocurrency News Today – Cryptocurrency Latest Update – Will The New Apple Phone Have A Cryptocurrency Wallet?

There have been several details about the new iPhone including news about the design, processor, design, and charging competence alongside the new 10.2in iPad and 16in MacBook Pro. The features of the yet to be launch iPhone include a new camera system that will feature the third sensor for ultra-wide perspective pictures and videos with a larger area of outlook. It will come with three screen sizes – 5.8in, 6.1in and 6.5in. Users will be able to retouch, alter colors, reframe, apply effects, and crop videos. 3D Touch technology being swapped by Haptic Touch, which is presently installed on XR. It will come with a second back camera that can zoom in further, together with the new reverse wireless charging system, this feature allows users the ability to charge their Airpods on iPhone.

Multi-angle Face ID sensor that will capture a broader field of outlook, which means that users can unlock their phones in any position. Enhanced water resistance, A13 processor chip develops with 7nm+ process for enhanced power competence, Triple-lens rear camera, whilst dual-lens on iPhone 11R. USB-C port instead of Lightning, also there is a possibility of its compatibility with Apple Pencil. The New iPhone prices expected to start at £999/$999.

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Apple is probably making a move to let iPhone users turn their devices into hardware wallets that permit them to store and use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for mobile purchases. It was rumored that it will allow developers to make chops for digital monikers and public and private keys that can be stored and managed by Apple’s Secure Enclave. Those keys, which can be used to store cryptocurrencies, can, in turn, be swapped by iPhone users as a method of payment through an app. Currently, it is uncertain if the yet to be launched iPhone will come with the crypto wallet feature. If Apple is going down the cryptocurrency path, it would be trailing the path of Samsung and HTC, who have made known their plans to develop native cold storage wallets on their smartphones. Last year, HTC declared that its Exodus 1 smartphone would have the ability to natively store bitcoin or Ether cryptocurrencies, while Samsung has already taken the bold step to include this feature in its flagship Galaxy 10 phone. Adding a cryptocurrency wallet on Apple will lead to large scale adoption of the cryptocurrencies.

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