Bitcoin News Today – August 31

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  • Use a Yubikey For Your Binance Account Says Changpeng Zhao
  • Crypto Users Suggest 2FA to Prevent Further Account Breaches 
  • Telegram To Launch Ton Blockchain Public Testing 

Bitcoin News Today – on the 30th of August, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square and Twitter’s account was hacked on his own social media platform. The hacked spent 20 minutes tweeting racial slurs before it was recovered by the Twitter team. This even shook the crypto sphere more as many wondered how safe their accounts were since a high-profile account like Dorsey’s could be compromised.

CEO of Binance Commented Asking Users To Use Yubikey

The account was hacked by some individuals who go by the alias “Chuckle Squad”. Changpeng Zhao was concerned about the events and he took to Twitter to caution users who have accounts with Binance, the largest crypto exchange.

The CEO tweeted that users should use Yubikey to keep their accounts secure. This is a two-factor authentication made by a company called Yubico. Binance announced a few months ago that it would now support the two-factor authentication from Yubikey, the Yubico hardware-based security key.

The exchange picked this system after the security breach it suffered in May. Since then, there has been a lot of significant changes to the 2FA, API as well as withdrawal validation areas.

The information Zhao shared may be beneficial to all crypto holders and not just Binance coin holders. Social media platforms have set strict security policies and yet, the hack of prominent people is still on the rise. Dorsey’s hack was shocking to everyone in the space. During the hack, so many racial slurs were tweeted. The tweets were all taken down and Twitter Comms reassured other users that Twitter’s system was not compromised. However, it took about 90 minutes to secure the account.

Telegram is Set To Launch Ton Blockchain Public Testing on September 1

An investor has revealed that Ton blockchain public testing will commence on Sept 1. Another source mentioned that the node software, as well as all other documentation, would be released on Sept 1 to the public. At the moment, the first version of the Yon blockchain is said to feature sharding as Cointelegraph reported. The source also mentions that different functional consensus mechanisms are expected on the blockchain.

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The Ton project is a messaging platform which is a decentralized application. It was built by an open-source messenger on Telegram’s team. This blockchain will be integrated into the messaging app which has over 200 million people.

The firm also has plans to launch a Ton token called Gram by the end of this quarter.


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