Litecoin News Today – September 1

  • Charlie Lee Reignites the Litecoin-Dash debate
  • Lee expresses his concerns over the centralized nature of Dash’s governance
  • The Dash and Litecoin communities have been a crosswords

Litecoin News Today – The digital currency space is highly competitive and only the fittest get to survive. There are more than 2,400 crypto projects in the crypto space according to CoinMarketCap. Every crypto project out there is fighting for dominance, relevance, and more use cases. To establish supremacy and dominance, some crypto projects usually draw out comparisons with other projects. From the look of things, the founder of Litecoin (LTC) – Charlie Lee – seems to belong to this category.

Charlie Lee has been a very outspoken crypto bull. He has been strongly behind the Litecoin project and he has been doing all he can to promote the use and relevance of LTC – the native currency of the Litecoin network. Via a tweet, Lee just reignited the debate between Litecoin (LTC) and Dash, after saying that the governance of Dash is centralized.

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Charles Lee Expresses His Concerns over Centralization in the Dash Network

Litecoin News Today – This issue surfaced back online after @Litecoin_MAD (a Twitter user) said he was going to support the growth of the Litecoin Foundation. The Twitter user offered to donate 1 LTC towards the development of the coin. The LTC fan addressed the tweet to the creator of Litecoin (LTC). The tweet later came to the notice of the larger digital currency community. A Twitter user with the name @Betamaxer1 commented on the tweet saying:

“Imaging a coin that did not have to rely on handouts… The power of $Dash.”

Charlie Lee did not waste any time, as he responded to @betamaxer1’s tweet immediately. In his response, Lee said:

“Also known as the centralization of Dash. With block rewards going to a specific team, you have effectively centralized the governance. With Litecoin, if the Litecoin Foundation is doing a bad job and another team steps up, people can choose to donate and fund the better team.”

Nevertheless, the tweet is no longer available on Twitter, as Lee deleted the tweet. However, many members of the community screenshot Lee’s response and shared it across the social media platform.

This Is Not the First Time Charlie Lee Is Accusing Dash of Centralized Governance

In the tweet, the LTC creator was accusing Dash of distributing their block mining rewards to a specific team. Lee was showing his concerns about the centralized nature of the Dash network. This is not the first time Lee is accusing the network of centralization. This has resulted in a clash between the Dash and Litecoin communities. Both communities have been at crosswords over the past couple of months.

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