Avast! Time to Let Your Digital Collectibles Walk The Plank and Get a $50 Skully

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Skullys, the world’s first reward-based digital collectible DApp featuring a pirate themed location-based game on the Ethereum blockchain, wants to get you parting ways with your boring collectibles and introduce you to a new crew of ghost pirate collectibles ready to earn you some loot!  Arrrggghh!!

Can’t stand the thought of seeing your digital collectibles collecting nano-dust in your wallet? Join the club, and walk the plank we say!  Say good riddance to those crappy collectibles and up your game with a new $50 Skully.  While supplies last, you can now swap any digital collectible you own, regardless of its value and receive a newly minted Skully.  Once you make your swap, embark on a plundering journey of flag pinning and raising your colors.  Pin your current location on the game map to earn daily PO8 token rewards for each geo-flagging task you perform.  Remember the more you pin the more you earn and the higher in ranking you move.

To get started, visit the Skullys Port of Call Marketplace and click on the swap icon of your favorite Skully befitting of your alter ego.  Once you’ve chosen your Skully, select the collectible ticker symbol and token ID from the drop-down menus, and down the plank, it goes! Check out a step by step video guide here.  In return, you will receive your new Skully and $50 in PO8 credit for in-game purchases.  Save enough PO8 to reach a minimum withdrawal amount, and PO8 tokens can be withdrawn and sold on the DOBI cryptocurrency exchange for BTC or ETH.

“Owning over a dozen different ERC721 digital collectibles, I quickly lost interest in all of them and paid no mind to them, for the lack of creativity and worthlessness they represent,” said Skullys co-founder Frank Yglesias or Calico Jack as commonly known in pirate circles.   “So, we came up with the Walking the Plank idea, which holds true to our pirate DNA and brings back some excitement and zest to the collectibles space.  We need to shake things up and get people excited once again in not only collecting, but also introduce more peer-to-peer entertainment and the chance to earn crypto rewards.”

Skullys developers are currently beta testing a new Accept, Relinquish, Reward (ARR) in-game feature, allowing Skullys owners the ability to use their earned PO8 rewards to purchase permanent flags in highly sought after points of interest around the world like the Times Square in NYC, The Eiffel Tower in Paris, The Burj Khalifa in Dubai and The Great Wall of China in Beijing.  Skully owners own the pinned flag in that location indefinitely or until another Skully wages war against you.

Ready to swap and earn some loot?  Visit skullys.co to check out their latest line of uniquely designed Skullys. Happy plundering!

About Skullys

Skullys are reward-based digital collectibles featuring uniquely designed ghost pirate skulls on the Ethereum blockchain. Collect your favorite Skully and embark on a hunt for the loot. Our location-based service (LBS) game allows players the ability to perform geo-flagging tasks to earn booty in the form of PO8 tokens. PO8 tokens can be redeemed for additional game accessories to unlock new powers and increasing the earning potential of each individual Skully. Geo-flagging is a feature allowing players to use real-time geo-data from a mobile device or computer to “check-in” at various locations such as restaurants, coffee shops, stores, concerts, or anywhere on the go. Players are allowed a minimum of 3 times per day to geo-flag, and each flag pin must occur outside an 800m radius from the latest pin. The higher in ranking the Skullys moves up, the more geo-flagging opportunities will be available within a wider geographic area.

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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