Cardano News Today – September 7

  • Cardano Foundation Updates the community on Shelley and Cardano roadmap
  • The Cardano community members are strongly behind the project
  • Cardano would add incentives to the testnet.

Cardano News Today – The Cardano Foundation just updated the community on its roadmap and the next step on Shelley. Cardano aims to provide a blockchain that can connect the whole world without consuming much energy. It wants to provide a truly decentralized digital currency. A digital currency where the bookkeepers are also the users. The Shelley testnet program, as well as its Rust node (codenamed Jormungandr),  have been built to connect people from across the globe.

Cardano released the first testnet build of Jormungandr in June. The phase of that ‘self node’ focused on the implementation of the single instance, to refine the codebase and to make sure it was robust. The team wanted to put non-network functionality in order before starting the next phase. But they also want to provide some of the fundamental protocols of the network in that early code, and they’re calling it “blockchain in a box.”

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Cardano Gets Strong Support from Its Community

The Cardano community has been strongly behind the crypto project. They believe the project has so much potential and it is going places. According to the Foundation, the Cardano enthusiasts at the Stakepool Telegram Channel have been supportive. The community has been providing some feedbacks which has helped the team to improve the ledger, protocol, and the node itself. The Dev team also said it was a good opportunity for people to experiment and test with the SDK (software development kit) and the interfaces. In a statement, the Cardano Foundation said:

We released the first version at the end of August and thanks to the feedback and contributions from the community. It is continuously being improved, we are adding in more features than ever. We will soon be adding new working examples to showcase what can be done with the software development kit. We believe these can provide important starting points for great community-driven projects.

Cardano Is Getting Ready for Phase 2 of the Testnet Rollout – Network Implementation

In a recent “Ask Me Anything” session on YouTube, Charles Hoskinson said that they would soon be entering phase 2 of the testnet rollout. The second phase of the testnet is “network implementation.” Now that the node is more stable, the team wants to challenge the network stack to see how it holds up. The completion of the second phase will also see the introduction of incentives to the testnet. The Cardano Foundation said:

When the second phase is complete, we will have a stable network: a decentralized testnet platform running across multiple nodes. Then we will start the third and final phase, which is the incentivized testnet.”

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