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Bitcoin News Today – Bitcoin (BTC) is the most talked-about digital currency in the crypto space. The recent price performance of Bitcoin (BTC) has increased the trust in the coin. Bitcoin (BTC) recently amassed a considerable level of growth leaving the altcoin markets behind. After this massive move, many are now comparing the world’s largest digital currency by market cap with gold.

Recently, Max Keiser had an interview with Mark Valek – publisher of report. Keiser – a Bitcoin (BTC) commentator – is very popular for his segment the “Keiser Report.” During the interview, both of them talked about the ongoing debate on the comparison between gold and Bitcoin (BTC).

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

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Valek Believes Bitcoin (BTC) Could Become a Global Reserve Currency Someday

During the interview, Keiser asked Valek about the competition between digital currency supporters and gold-proponents. Keiser asked for the opinion of Valek regarding the issue, considering Valek has been a proponent of both gold and Bitcoin (BTC). Valek said that he does not want to be rigid in this ongoing debate between Bitcoin and gold.

Bitcoin News Today – Valek believed that Bitcoin (BTC) was a very good invention. He suggests that the digital currency could someday become a global reserve currency in the best-case scenario. Valek also said that if that situation fails to materialize, the contribution of Bitcoin (BTC) towards the understanding of the financial industry and fiat currency would be majorly commended. In the interview, Keiser said that Valek had positioned Bitcoin (BTC) in “institutional accounts” in his report. He also implied that BTC was no longer a trifling activity for computer-savvy persons. Rather, it is increasingly becoming a factor in the financial industry and the evolving infrastructure of the economy.

Store-of-Value for Bitcoin and Gold Are Acting as Insurance Back-Up for the Failing Central Banks

Bitcoin News Today – Valek said that the characteristics of store-of-value for Bitcoin (BTC) and gold was acting as the safe haven for the failing central banks. Negative yield bonds and negative rates are increasing on a daily basis. As such, many investors are running towards assets that could idealize as money.  In a statement, he said:

In terms of stock to flow ratio, both assets really were hard money and people could realize that this could serve as a part of the store of value, and a pragmatic trader could play this very well in a combined portfolio of gold and Bitcoin (BTC).”

Bitcoin (BTC), which many refer to as digital gold, increasingly becoming a safe haven for many investors against economic and political turmoil. It has proven to be the best cryptocurrency to invest in and analysts are very optimistic about its future.

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