Dash News Today – September 8

  • The PrivateSend feature of Dash does not make it a privacy coin
  • There Is No Difference between the Legal Status of Bitcoin (BTC) and Dash – Ryan Taylor
  • Dash’s Transactions Are Transparent to the Blockchain like Bitcoin’s

Dash News Today – Over the past years, privacy-focused digital currencies have come to the rescue of those that want to move funds anonymously. Privacy coins allow users to move funds without being traced; no one can view the amount or destination of the transaction. However, many members of the crypto community have criticized privacy-oriented digital currencies for their privacy-focused transactions. The reason is that some of these privacy coins have been delisted from several trading platforms due to regulatory concerns recently. Some of the most popular privacy-oriented digital currencies are Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), and Dash (DASH).

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There Is No Difference between the Legal Status of Bitcoin (BTC) and Dash – Ryan Taylor

Dash is one of the top digital currencies in the crypto space. The digital currency is well known for its PrivateSend transaction. In a recent interview, the CEO of Dash Core Group – Ryan Taylor – aired his opinion regarding the present issue. In the interview, the CEO said that the PrivateSend feature of Dash was first built on top of the master node layer. He added that it was a branded implementation of CoinJoin – a privacy technique. He said that the feature does not require changes to the protocol code itself.

He also said that different wallets of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC) supported CoinJoin. As such, there is technically no difference between the legal status of Bitcoin (BTC) and Dash. In a statement, he said:

Because Dash was the first market with this feature, it has been labeled a privacy-centric coin by the press.”

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Dash’s Transactions Are Transparent to the Blockchain like Bitcoin’s

Taylor said that it is obvious that regulators want to avoid privacy-centric digital currencies. He added that Dash does not have hidden addresses on its network. Taylor pointed out that all the transactions on the blockchain are completely transparent. Adding that there is no difference between Bitcoin and Dash when it comes to functionality. He also said that Dash carried out PrivateSend transactions on the blockchain of Bitcoin in order to show regulators that there was no difference between BTC and Dash.

According to Taylor, less than 1% of transactions on the blockchain of Dash facilitated PrivateSend options. According to Chain Analysis, all those PrivateSend facilitated transactions were simply for privacy reasons, with no illegal premise. Taylor added:

On top of that, Bitcoin has deployed the Lightning Network, which completely obscures those transactions off the blockchain completely. And so to regulate Dash any differently than Bitcoin is already regulated is absolutely irrational.”

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