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  • Bitcoin (BTC) next bull run could take years
  • Bitcoin would break over its all-time high in the next bull market cycle
  • Other Analysts Argue for a Shorter Period to the Next Bull Run

Bitcoin News Today – Almost every digital asset investor is patiently waiting for the next Bitcoin (BTC) bull run. Bitcoin long-term price predictions are always bullish since many analysts believe that the technology cannot go south in the future. The last major bull run of Bitcoin (BTC) was fascinating, as it drove the price of Bitcoin (BTC) to the $20k range. Last year was not favorable to the crypto market. However, this year has been pretty bullish for Bitcoin. Many investors and analysts believe that the next Bitcoin bull run would be massive. Some even believe it could push BTC to USD price to $1 million. However, from the charts of the coin, it appears that the next BTC bull cycle would take a very long time to come.

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Next Bitcoin (BTC) Bull Run Could Take Years

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has surged by more than 170 percent so far this year. While this is impressive, it cannot be compared to the massive gains it amassed in the last bull market cycle. Back in 2017, in just three months, BTC to USD price surged by more than 400% to hit its all-time high. This time around, the price of BTC has been moving slowly, considering the sideways trading of the coin over the past two months.

It appears that the market cycles from boom to bust is extending. Each one is taking more time than the previous. This has led many digital asset investors and traders to ask, “When can we expect the next cycle peak?” Analysts have been studying the past bull runs to determine how long the next one would take. According to Josh Roger, the movements from bottoms to tops are not sharp. Hence, it could take a couple of years until the next Bitcoin bull run. In a tweet, Rager said:

Each Bitcoin market cycle took significantly longer than the previous. Each market bottom to peak-high in price was not as sharp. Next peak-high likely a few years away but good things come to those who wait.”

Other Analysts Argue for a Shorter Period to the Next Bull Run

Other crypto analysts are arguing for a shorter period to the next Bitcoin bull cycle. Their argument is on the basis that Bitcoin (BTC) is now considered a new asset class and previous data has been gathered in less than 10 years. They added that those charts did not cover institutional investments. They believe institutional investments are yet to weigh in. They also pointed at the fact that millions are now running to Bitcoin (BTC) as offshore hedges, safe haven against economy and government currency manipulation.

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