Ripple News Today – September 14, 2019

Ripple XRP Price Prediction
  • Ripple searches for new Global Vice President of Business Development as part of its expansion plans.
  • Brad Garlinghouse interviewed by CNN
  • Ripple’s XRP Celebrates Major Milestone amid FUD.

Ripple News Today – One of the major ways Ripple promotes the adoption of its technology is through partnerships. The company also spares no expense when it comes to building its team by recruiting some of the best minds across the globe. Recently, the company’s top executive Jim Chauncey-Kelly announced that they were looking for a new Global Vice President Of Business Development. He commented on Twitter and encouraged members of the cryptocurrency community to apply if they meet the criteria.

Ripple Looks For New Global Vice President Of Business Development

Along with the blog post, the executive shared a link to Ripple’s blog which stated the job description. The candidate must have at least 15 years of experience in the tech industry. More specifically, the candidate must know how to “establish, grow and manage revenue-generating partnerships with the most dominant Internet, e-commerce and financial services companies processing cross-border payment transactions.”

Meanwhile, Brad Garlinghouse was recently interviewed by CNN’s Julia Chatterley. During the interview, Garlinghouse talked about how he and his executives have been battling with FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt) among members of the XRP community. You see Ripple has been accused of manipulating the price of XRP directly by selling large portions of XRP to institutions. Garlinghouse maintained his company’s stance on the matter stating that Ripple has no control over the price of XRP.

Ripple Price Prediction – XRP Price Prediction 

While he admitted that Ripple gives institutional buyers discounts, he noted that these institutions must follow certain rules. They cannot sell the tokens they get as soon as they get them to avoid manipulating the price by dumping tokens. Hopefully, his reassurance will ease the worries of members of the XRP community for a while.

XRP Ledger Records New Milestone

XRP Ledger reached a new milestone as it recorded its 50-millionth ledger according to Nik Bougalis, Ripple’s software engineer. Reaching its 50-millionth ledger is a major milestone for XRP. Bougalis announced on Twitter yesterday. You see XRP is faster than Bitcoin with a transaction speed of about 1500 transactions per second. This makes it perfect for payments.

Ripple is pushing to become the gold standard for cross-border payments. If the company continues to persist, it will have what it takes to accomplish this goal. The only challenge that Ripple is having is that many people are still worried about the decentralization status of the blockchain. One of the most attractive features of blockchain technology is that it can’t be controlled by a single centralized body. However, people are worried that Ripple has too much control over the blockchain and this is hindering adoption.


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