Tron TRX News Today – September 18

  • BitTorrent to launch a live beta version of its BLive streaming platform
  • Tron CEO Justin Sun, set to join massive giveaway with Presidential candidate Andrew Yang

According to reports, the crypto platform, BitTorrent, has revealed that it will launch a live beta model of its BLive streaming platform. The platform revealed that the new app for streamers will be launched on September 20 2019. It also revealed that at least 20,000 TRX will be given to the crypto community following the exercise.

BitTorrent’s BLive Beta Testing will Commence Ahead of Schedule

It should be recalled from an earlier report on September 18, that BitTorrent revealed plans regarding its upcoming launch of the BLive streaming application. The company said that the exercise will begin ahead of schedule for streamers on BLive beta in a couple of days, earlier than planned.

The announcement also revealed the terms of participating in the scheme and reports of a ’10 x 2,000 TRX’ giveaway. The giveaway will serve as prizes for the community. The first time BitTorrent gave an announcement of its upcoming BLive trials was in the last week of August. At the time, BitTorrent boasted that its BLive social streaming application was in the preparation phase. It also added that BTT would get a real use-case following this recent development.

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BLive users will have the ability to choose their favorite content authors. They will also be able to reward content creators with BTT, irrespective of their location. Thus, BTT will become an outlet for cross-border transfers in a decentralized Internet. Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron and the team at Tron and BitTorrent are chasing such a time.

BLive promises to offer a better share of (30%-40%) revenue to streamers. It also added that the rest of the revenue will be kept by BitTorrent. This is different from what other streaming platforms do. For example, with YouTube, content creators can keep only a small part (10%) of their revenue.

Tron CEO Justin Sun, Set to Join Massive Giveaway with Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang

In other reports, Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron, said he likes the initiative proposed by U.S. presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Yang promised to give 10 individuals$1000 per month as part of the universal basic income program. Yang said the funds will come from donations for his campaign.

Sun said he would adopt the idea. Claiming that he will do it for 100 people. Sun also added that he will invite one of them to his Buffett lunch.

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