Ripple News Today – September 22

Ripple joins Blockchain Capital VC Fund with XRP investment worth $25 million price
  • Ripple Gets Support From Two New Banks to Expand its Adoption
  • Ripple Has Continued the Fight over XRP Security Lawsuit

Ripple News Today – Ripple has continued its growth in the crypto space. The network has now become one of the most rapidly growing and expanding ecosystems in the Blockchain sector. Ripple has also become one of the network’s that often make their new moves public. According to recent reports, the cryptocurrency giant has published a document that lists its xRapid users. The users listed also include the recently acquired MoneyGram.

TransferGo, goLance, Mercury FX, InstaRem, and SendFriend Make Up the List

Apart from MoneyGram, the list issued by the Blockchain network also includes five additional payment providers. The providers are InstaReM, SendFriend, TransferGo, goLance, and Mercury FX. These companies are now using Ripple’s XRP token to complete fast overseas payments. They also depend on the XRP for instant liquidity. Apart from this, we can find two new banks on Ripple’s updated website. The two new banks have joined Ripple’s network recently. This information was put in Ripple’s website.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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There are also reports that on Ripple’s website which has been updated recently, there are two new partners among the network’s list of the partners to have joined RippleNet. The banks listed include interbank from Peru and Vitesse, both based in the United Kingdom. Both of the financial institutions are more likely to start using the xCurrent system developed by Ripple’s xCurrent system for cross-border payment or international transfer. xCurrent is the rival system to SWIFT. The solution does not make use of the XRP token.

Ripple Has Continued the Fight over XRP Security Lawsuit

Earlier on Friday, September 20, media outlet, U.Today reported that Blockchain network Ripple, had issued an appeal to the federal court. The network is appealing to the judge a dismiss a legal class action against it. The XRP securities complaint was reportedly filed last year. The network is accused of selling XRP tokens during the 2013 sale as unregistered securities. According to Ripple’s legal team, legal complaints of this nature can only be filed in at least three years after the illegal sale may have happened. Hence, going by Ripple’s ideology, since investors pressed charges against the company in 2018, the current lawsuit has expired. At least that’s what Ripple’s legal team say.

XRP Price Prediction – Ripple Price Prediction 

Whether the excuse given by Ripple’s legal team is legal or not viable remains to be seen. Ripple will continue fending of threats of the sort as time passes.


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