Tron News Today – September 22

  • Sun Aims to Make Tron More Decentralized
  • Tron’s Top Priority Is to Get Listed on the American Version of Binance and Coinbase

Tron News Today – Tron (TRX) is one of the most popular crypto projects in the industry. This is because the founder of the blockchain platform – Justin Sun – has been preaching the project all over the internet. Sun is a very outspoken crypto bull and he has been at the forefront of the development and growth of the Tron project.

Recently, Justin Sun tweeted about the new Proof of Stake procedure of Tron. According to his tweet, the new Tron Proof of stake protocol would be in for Tron’s digital currency Tronix (TRX) soon. The founder of Tron also drew the attention of the Tron community towards the four vital improvements coming to the Tron network. These developments and improvements will focus on the channels through which staking revenues are distributed.

TRON (TRX) Price Today – TRX / USD


Sun Aims to Make Tron More Decentralized

According to Sun’s tweet, Tron is considering a decentralized and just distribution of profit gotten from staking digital currencies. This move would ensure the participation of users and investors. It would also pave the way for an encounter with cryptocurrency players such as exchanges, wallets, and associates.

According to Sun, Tron wants to increase the ratio of stake in the network. The firm has also reduced redundant distributed transactions. Tron is doing all these for the economic status of the firm to stabilize and to further boost engagement with the community. This guarantees a transparent and clear system. Sun also added that the most voted and hence the most popular 127 nodes will receive Tronix (TRX) gifts and rewards based on the number of votes they get. The firm is giving out a total reward of 160 Tronix (TRX) for one block.

Tron’s Top Priority Is to Get Listed on the American Version of Binance and Coinbase

Tron launched its Sun Network on August 11 this year. The firm launched the Sun Network as a sidechain scaling solution created for the provision of never-ending scaling capacity for the Tron network. The firm plans to update the side-chain soon. The update would allow Dapps to function with higher safety and efficiency while using the least energy. This update is very important to Tron, as it would draw it a step closer to its top priority.

In August, Sun announced that the top priority of the firm at the moment is to be listed in the American version of Binance and Coinbase – two of the most popular, largest crypto trading platforms in the US.

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