Blockchain News Today – September 22, 2019

  • Swiss University Uses Blockchain Technology to Fight Fake Diplomas
  • University of St. Gallen has Partnered With BkockFactory for the Exercise 

According to reports a popular university in Switzerland is using Blockchain technology to fight fake diplomas. Per the report, the University of St. Gallen a Swiss university is setting its sights on a new use case for Blockchain technology. This time it is using it to fight fake diplomas. This type of fraud has reportedly been on the rise on a global scale in recent years.

Checking Authentic Degree Certification

From the CNN Money Switzerland interview that occurred on September 19, it was revealed that the Swiss University of St. Gallen announced that it will be introducing a Blockchain-backed pilot project. The purpose of this project will be to verify the authenticity of the degrees that it is issuing to students in a matter of seconds instead of the traditional model that typically lasts over several days. According to CIO Harald Rotter a senior staff at the University, the new model is necessary to avoid fake certificates and hasten validation of diplomas. In his words:

“We saw that it could be important and it could become a valid use case to send or make it easier to validate diplomas following a digital process with Blockchain technology.”

University of St. Gallen has Partnered With BkockFactory for the Exercise

Smartereum understands that the University of St. Gallen chose to enter a partnership with Swiss Blockchain firm BlockFactory to move forward with the initiative. The University will use BlockFactory’s certification solution to make immutable diplomas that will be registered on the Ethereum Blockchain.

It should be recalled that Cointelegraph previously revealed a similar story related to Blockchain use. This time it said that Malaysia’s Ministry of Education is trying to the tackle the increasing reports of fake educational degrees within the country with Blockchain technology. Malaysia has introduced E-Skrol. E-Skrol is an application that is built on the NEM Blockchain network. It is designed to deal with the growing issue of certificate fraud with the Blockchain technology.

In June 2019, Cointelegraph revealed that a Canadian technology institute plans to issue Blockchain-backed diplomas to the next class of its graduating students. No less than 4,800 graduating students from the Institute of Technology, Southern Alberta will receive their first blockchain-based degrees with their traditional parchments this year.

In similar fashion, the University of Bahrain revealed that it was collaborating with Learning Machine to offer Blockchain diplomas beginning from the start of this year.


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