Cardano News Today – September 23, 2019

  •  Charles Hoskinson and Anthony Pompliano Converge at the Wyoming Hackathon 
  • ADA to USD trading pair surges 

Charles Hoskinson, one of the richest supporter of the crypto community and an entrepreneur, is an ex co-founder of Ethereum, and founder of Cardano. Cardano was birth as inspiration from projects like EOS, and Dash. While Anthony Pompliano, on the other hand, is a recognized Bitcoin enthusiast, he has debated against so many critics like Peter Schiff in the cryptocurrency community. He is a strong believer in Bitcoin who has fought many battles relating to the currency. He sometimes shares his views on Altcoins in general.

Steady Surge In The ADA/USD Trading Pair

Currently, Cardano is ranked at #11in the crypto market, it’s trading value is approximately $76.336 million, while the supply is at 25,927,070,538 ADA coins. The overall market cap of Cardano is $1.248 billion. The current price analysis of ADA is at $0.048157 after declining at a rate of 2.97%. Going by the price chart analysis, the ADA/USD pair price is being controlled by sellers.

Currently, the Cardano price is showing an upward trend in trading price though during the past week the trading price of the coin experienced a downward trend in its trading value, trading below expectations. The prospect of the currency regaining firm resistance with a significant price recovery is strong.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


Cardano seems to have declined at 0.04346 after its inability to break the new support. On September 19th, it tried to break inside the Ichimoku cloud though the future cloud stays bearish.

If the present bullish momentum lingers, there is a possibility that the ADA/USD pair may end up where it topped out. Previously, the ADA/USD pair started establishing a dual top chart pattern. And up until now, the pattern is yet to be completed as the major support is at 0.026.

The last couple of days have been favorable for investors, as Cardano is currently trading with a profit digit. With the past week having several downtrend trading values, the market is improving gradually this week despite the bearish trend. Cardano trading price is gradually improving with a low of 0.050520 USD and a high at 0.052557 USD. The MACD line has persisted over the indication line, a new level of resistance was established at $0.055622 and key support can be found close to the $0.04358 level.

Positive Prospect OF A Long-term Investment

Cardano price predictions by analysts are showing speculation that the Cardano would break both levels soon. With the price movement of the coin, long-term investment is advised by analysts as it would yield the best result for investors.

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