Blockchain News Today – September 30

  • Howdoo, Blockchain-based Social Media Platform Now Available For Download on Huawei’s App Gallery
  • Blockchain Technology Is Changing the World 

UDOO which is Howdoo’s native token can be used for all social media and content platform transactions such as subscriptions, tipping advertising, and content access. Previously in January 2019, the CEO of Howdoo, David Brierley stated in a press release that his company would be testing the newly launched blockchain-based social media network’s beta platform on IOS, Android and desktop.

Following the press release, the IBM’s NextGen Tech Services Provider Marketing Leader Gabriela Salzano, stated, “We’re excited to be working with innovative companies like Howdoo, and to support them with accelerating their ambitions. We also look forward to welcoming solutions providers and all kinds of IT companies to our new Howdoo channel”.

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The platform intends to unite artists, tech firms, bloggers, and streamers as Launch Supporters. As in January doing the pre-registration process for the platform, the platform garnered over 44,000, putting the platform in the same range to contend with similar blockchain projects like Steemit and Mithril. As gathered from the January press release, the platform’s launch supporters are IBM, HP, and Mitel. While for its entertainment partners, Sinitta, International DJ Sam Withers and East 17 are part of the launch supporters.

Still, in the spirit of launch supporters, MSP Hub also announced that they are part of Howdoo’s Launch Supporters. In its blog post, it stated, “Together with our clients, we are using technologies like AI, cloud, blockchain, and IoT to transform business, industries and the world…. The next-gen social media networks, built on the blockchain, will revolutionize the way that users interact with content whilst owning their online presence and we look forward to building a community within Howdoo.”

The main aim of Howdoo is to stand as strong competition in the gaming industry, having strong partners and also having a strong influence on the marketing company. Companies such as gamers MoeTV, Kristina Djukic, and Chrome Management, it stated in the release that “encouraging a squad of contemporary and popular streamers to move to Howdoo as their chosen platform provider.”

Howdoo, a social media and content platform supported by blockchain develop to enable its operators to have total access to their data, the platform is currently available on Huawei App Gallery. This announcement was made public on the platform’s Twitter handle, it stated “…And we are live with @Huawei. You can now download #Howdoo from the #huawei #AppGallery.

We’re so excited about this and look forward to the next steps for Howdoo and @HuaweiMobileSer …”

Recently, Howdoo announced on its twitter page that they have become a unicorn, the tweet goes thus,

“#Howdoo is officially a Unicorn

We’ve been selected the @CoinTigerEX Booster Fund, the #UnicornBooster in Phase3) $UDOO as the Unicorn”. The unicorn Booster Scheme is fund support by digital asset exchange Ticker Capital and CoinTiger which is worth $15 million. The sole aim of the scheme is to provide support to different premium blockchain projects with a high potential for long term growth.


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