EOS News Update – Top Headlines for October 4


  • Market Volatility Is at the Highest Level of the Year – Stock Conditions
  • Digital Currency Market Update – Block.one Settles with SEC


Cryptocurrency News Today – The traditional markets have not been at their best lately. The ADP numbers that were released in the US yesterday were not even that bad. Yet, traders reacted with a swift selloff. For those who are not familiar, the United States government publishes a monthly report called the Non-farm payrolls. This usually has an enormous effect on the financial markets, as many regards it as a leading indicator of global economic health. 

ADP is a large payroll company in the United States that releases its report about two or three days before the NFP. The firm also gives an estimation of what the report would bring. According to the predictions of some analysts, the ADP numbers would be published showing a total growth of 140,000 jobs in Sept. Nevertheless, the actual figure was short by 5,000. The change is small and it should not have caused any alarms, but it did. 

Market Volatility Is at the Highest Level of the Year – Stock Conditions

Analysts have warned traders to be very careful and to be on their toes for the next couple of days. Market volatility is at the highest level of the year. That does not mean it cannot turn around, it certainly can. From the chart, it is obvious that the current levels are at the exact position the market was consolidating about a month ago. In addition, we are still over the 200-day moving averages on all the major stock indices. A turnaround would not be a surprise. However, it would not also be surprising if further deterioration occurs. 

EOS Price Today – EOS / USD 


Digital Currency Market Update – Block.one Settles with SEC

Nothing much is happening in the digital currency space. The entire market has been somewhat quiet over the past day. The major news headline this week was the Block.one settlement. Block.one recently settled with the US SEC. This news managed to garner a few tractions. It also paid off a little on the price of EOS. 

Block.one is the maker of EOS, and the firm just settled with the SEC over unregistered Securities Sale. The fine the SEC gave the firm was incredibly low. The SEC fined the firm $24 million, which is just a little fraction of what the firm made. The firm made over $4 billion in its initial coin offering (ICO) sales and only spent $30M to purchase the domain “Voice.com” for its planned new social network. This is a piece of bullish news for EOS, although that is not an investment advice.

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