Cryptocurrency News Today – Top Headline For October 4, 2019

  • McAfee Takes On Justin Sky; Hints On New Project To Unveil Soon

There are various methods of getting users aware of new tech products and projects but the most common and easiest is via social media. Social media marketing has proved to be faster and reaching more audience than any other media route. There are millions of people online and with the spread of internet like an endemic virus, getting information across to people got even easier. Contents can even be made targeted now with SEO tools. Some businesses even go ahead to localize their content across the various locations where their business presence is. But this article is not going to be an internet marketing session. There are enough materials online to read up and learn. This piece will expound the social media marketing tip-tap that happened between two cryptocirrency moguls on social media space. Hopefully, we’ll learn a thing or two while we catch cruise about the tip-tap.

Social Media Marketing War

On Tuesday, 2nd of October the famous antivirus Baron who is now big on cryptocurrency, John MacAfee took to twitter to drag his Co cryptocurrency Baron Justin Sky about the ways and means by which the later used in announcing his projects to users. Justin Sky before now has been known to always put out the news about any project he’s working on before the launch. While this social media marketing method helps to create awareness for the users about what to expect and more importantly, bootstrap sales of the product when it finally drops, some people, John McAfee being the most outspoken of them all do not seem to find the method amusing again.

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It appears the problem McAfee has with Sky’s marketing method is that its been used over and over and may have have become stale and out of date. McAfee expressed this in a tweet to mock Sky saying “My prior tweet announcing the announcement: it has been done before” adding a picture of the Tron CEO wearing a super power suit with the Tron logo on and holding a scroll that has an inscription reading ” announcement”. We however cannot be sure about the drive behind McAfee’s criticism associated he also went ahead to use the same exact method to create awareness for a project he’s about to put into limelight too.

Their followers however will have non of it also took to the streets of twitter to express their opinion which was either supporting either of the crypto Lords or dragging them both.

McAfee’s Big Announcement

The antivirus Baron explained that he will however unveil the project he’s been working on for two years now, hoping that users will love it. It is not easy to predict what McAfee has in box but we are sure that it’s noting about the “Freedom Coin” which he was working on for years. He admitted in an interview that he has dropped the project and we wait rarely to see what two years time stretch looks like on a project.


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