Cardano News Flash – Headlines for October 9

  • Cardano (ADA) Is at the Forefront of the Coworking Trend
  • Cardano wants to Take Over the Japanese and South Korean Market

Cardano News Today – One step at a time, Cardano (ADA) is gaining dominance. Cardano is increasingly becoming popular and its adoption is on the rise. Recently, ToStart announced support for Cardano (ADA) payments. ToStart is the first established coworking space in Sasebo, Japan. The space is meant for web designers, content creators, entrepreneurs, and programming engineers from several industries who are motivated to create a new cashless and crypto-friendly working environment.

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In a statement, the organizers of ToStart said:

In recent years, coworking spaces have been gaining in popularity as a new kind of shared office environment. These spaces are catching on worldwide, with 1300 new locations appearing every month, including 200 just within Japan.”

In a tweet, Emurgo said:

“Another Japanese merchant, ToStart, is now accepting payments using ADA. ToStart is a coworking space based in Sasebo City.”

Cardano (ADA) Is at the Forefront of the Coworking Trend

The Cardano Foundation is placing its native digital currency – ADA – at the forefront of the coworking trend, delivering the mission of the firm to build regular hangouts and communities that accept ADA. The commercial arm of the crypto project – Emurgo – is working with more local merchants to drive the adoption of Cardano. The firm aims to further push the integration of ADA payments into everyday life.

For the future of blockchain to become a reality, blockchain technology would need to penetrate into the day-to-day activities of mainstream users through campaigns that raise awareness such as the implementation of Cardano (ADA) payments. Since the most familiar aspect of the Cardano project for everyday users is the ADA digital currency, Emurgo aims to boost the number of storefronts and merchants accepting the digital currency as payment via their in-house built Yoroi Wallet to bring it more into the mainstream.

Cardano wants to Take Over the Japanese and South Korean Market

A few months ago, Emurgo introduced Cardano (ADA) payments at Yakiniku Tamura, a charcoal grill BBQ restaurant that is managed by Kenji Tamura – a Japanese comedian – in Osaka. The firm also partnered with Metaps Plus – a South Korean Fintech firm – to release the Cardano digital currency card for use at more than thirty thousand merchants all over South Korea.

Cardano is gradually gaining traction and its popularity is also on the rise. The Foundation has been doing its best to achieve mainstream adoption, and things seem to be going as planned at the moment.

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