Ripple’s Price Prediction for the End Of 2019

Ripple XRP Price Prediction

Ripple is a blockchain-enabled platform with permits banks, payment providers, corporates and digital asset exchange to transfer money worldwide using blockchain technology. Ripple made a lot of contracts and partnerships in 2017 which brought the XRP coin to the limelight. Several investors and crypto analysts started making out ways to ensure the success of a long-term investment in Ripple. Seeing that the market capitalization surged from 236 million to 85 billion dollars in a year, while the exchange price surges from $0.006 for 1 XRP to 2.7 USD.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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Although, XRP lost its position has the second-largest cryptocurrency to Ethereum, with an estimated market capitalization of $12,189,278,515, and trading close to 0.28 against the USD at the time of writing. The second position is currently being occupied by Ethereum with a market cap of $20,598,442,509.

The Ripple currency XRP which has found temporary support at 0.25 and minor support at 0.28 after the 2017-2018 bearish trend. Currently, the Bulls are a bit positive about the prospective trading price.

Bullish Price Movement of XRP Trading Price at the End of 2019

According to several analysts, there are high hopes of Ripple market price experiencing a bullish price movement is will be due to the obtainability of a technical commission. A transaction fee is charged at 0.00001 XRP after tightening is cracked. This is done to secure the network from any attackers either from intruders, fraudsters or an attempt to disrupt the system. With the burning of commission, the amount of XRP in the network is slowly diminishing, which is good for the market price.

Although it is impossible to correctly predict the price as the company does not disclose all information, we can only follow the market trend to forecast what the future will be like. Some factors affect the price of Ripple, some of which include, the reality of working contracts with many banking institutions, Ripple has a contract with National Bank of the UAE. These contracts give room for several options for its users, which in turn will make the system user-friendly and accessible for investors.

XRP Price Prediction – Ripple Price Prediction 

With the recent feature of exchanging XRP for precious metals, the market price is bound to do well as this will draw in more investors who want to utilize XRP as a store of value.

The trading price will soar higher in 2019 due to the following factors:

There are Benefits when conducting any transactions on XRP, this alone will bring in more investors, which in turn will change the trading price positively. Low commissions while transacting, swift transfer speed. A large number of the transaction are approved and transferred per second easing waiting period for users. Since there is no need to authenticate transactions physically, all transactions between trading parties take a short period.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, XRP permits more than 1500 transactions per second, thus the issue of scalability is already ruled out. The platform is tested and trusted by several analysts, traders, and investors. Many analysts believe that at the end of 2019, XRP may cost up to $8-10 this is due to the technological advantages and actual users of the Ripple technologies. While another predicted XRP will cost about $20, this is due to the xRapid technology enactment, and partnership with financial institutions.

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