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  • XPR is better than Bitcoin Says Ripple’s Brad Garlinghouse 

Recently, the CEO OF Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse held talks with Anthony Pompliano an angel investor. The talks were hosted by Pomp in a bid to discuss the future of XRP. This talk was a huge event in the XPR community because of the two figures involved. It was a talk that has been on everyone’s mind and when it finally happened it was new grounds and heights for Ripple and XPR. 

Is XRP Better Than Bitcoin? 

During the podcast, Pompliano discussed with the CEO of Ripple, the third-largest cryptocurrency and he was looking to know more about Ripple, XPR and the plans that the brand has for the future. Also, he wanted to know the prospects and he had a set of questions for the CEO, these were hard questions that Pompliano selected from Twitter responses which he got when he announced the event.

One of the most significant things that Brad Garlinghouse pointed out was that some of the developers that were first involved in building XRPL took part in building the Bitcoin Core before undertaking the project. He stated that they wanted to make sure that XRPL was an upgrade to the Bitcoin core. Like they wanted to make it a higher, better version of what Bitcoin is. 

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During the conversation, Garlinghouse further stated that the XPR ledger was already available before Ripple surface and that some of those who founded Ripple were also part of those who created XPRL. He said that these developers knew the limitations that Bitcoin would face and hence tried to build an upgraded version that would not face those limitations. 

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He went on to say:

“We do not discuss that today because I do not want to look at it as a contest between Bitcoin and XRP. I believe that there will be multiple winners on this field. The marketplace will handle the competition.” 

It was clear that the CEO did not want to be drawn into the comparison and competition battle that was already brewing. But also he did not fail to point out that the XPR was going to be an upgrade of the Bitcoin core. After the talk, one thing was clear, the developers of XPR believe that it is better than Bitcoin because they were involved in developing Bitcoin and have decided to correct some of their “flaws” when they built XPR. Is this going to be the case in the long run? We will just have to wait and see. 

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