Tron News Today – Headlines for October 15

  • BitGo Adds Tron (TRX) To Its Custody Services
  • BitGo Is Excited to Work with Tron (TRX)

Tron News Today – Tron (TRX) is gradually gaining a wider reach as it gains more popularity and support. On October 14, Justin Sun – the CEO of Tron Foundation – took to Twitter to announced the addition of Tron (TRX) to the multi-currency wallet services of BitGo

Tron is one of the most ambitious crypto projects in the industry. The aim of the firm is to create a decentralized platform with unconstrained access to digital content sharing. In order words, Tron provides cost-effective ways to share digital entertainment content. As such, the project has experienced mass adoption rate over the past few years, and its partnerships and ecosystem are increasing rapidly.

TRON (TRX) Price Today – TRX / USD


BitGo Adds Tron (TRX) To Its Custody Services

Tron (TRX) just secured another great partnership. In a recent tweet, Justin Sun announced the integration of Tron (TRX) into the security and storage services of BitGo. This is a milestone achievement for Tron. Commenting on the achievement, Sun said that Tron is thrilled to be part of the services of BitGo. He also added that the firm is delighted to have BitGo as a partner in exploring DeFi apps further, which would further boost the adoption of Tron.

As per the announcement, the firm would launch support for TRX in its hot wallet and custodial services from early November. This means that any futures platform, brokers, or trading platform that wants to keep Tron (TRX) holdings would have a reliable and robust platform to do so.

BitGo Is Excited to Work with Tron (TRX)

BitGo is one of the largest and most popular digital currency custodial services in the world today. The firm decided to integrate the coin after receiving increased demand for one of the top ten digital currencies in the world. Hence, the addition of TRX to the services of BitGo would play a major role in ensuring TRX’s institutional adoption.

The Chief Technology Officer – Benedict Chan – said that the company was happy to be part of a successful stint with the development team of Tron in creating their maiden institution-grade, multi-signature wallet.

Tron is still making progress with multisignature, on-chain, and this helps BitGo in reaching out to those financial security services clients that are looking for the highest level of security in storing their assets. The firm believes Tron (TRX) is more secure and it is what its clients are looking for. This would have a positive impact on TRX adoption, which might also have an impact on its price.

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