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  • Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse States the Differences Between Bitcoin’s BTC and Ripple’s XRP
  • Bitcoin is Not Going to Solve Payment Problems – Brad Garlinghouse

The CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse in a recent interview with Anthony Pompliano shared his view about Bitcoin and XRP. He states that they aimed to develop a better network than Bitcoin because when Bitcoin was first launched, it was doing quite well in the market. Garlinghouse states that “We don’t talk much about this anymore because I don’t see any competition between Bitcoin and XRP. There will be more than one winner at the end of this race. Competition (between cryptocurrencies) will also be determined by the course of the market.”

Although most Bitcoin users feel Garlinghouse has always been on the neck OF Bitcoin and they went as far as saying Garlinghouse hated Bitcoin. Garlinghouse did not let the comment slide, he responded, “I trust Bitcoin in the long run. I have bitcoins and I don’t think bitcoins will fall.”

In the interview, Garlinghouse was able to answer several questions from crypto Twitter about the set-ups of Ripple and XRP, which involves Ripple’s XRP sales progress and the cryptocurrency ecosystem in general. Although Bitcoin is not in the Bearish zone Garlinghouse insists XRP is far better than Bitcoin when it comes to payment services.

Bitcoin is Not Going to Solve Payment Problems – Brad Garlinghouse

Garlinghouse explained how he came about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general in 2012, he stated that it was while he attended a Dialog Conference, it was a two-day thought retreat planned by Auren Hoffman and Peter Thiel. Notwithstanding his concurrent investment in BTC, an unimpressed Garlinghouse stated: “Long term opportunity of Bitcoin in a world where it is fighting against governments, and fighting against banks, and fighting against the institution, the man.” 

He further stated that he always ponder on the thought of “taking a slightly different approach” one could attain a larger adoption and broadly influence more people using distributed ledger technology.

In his claim that XRP is a better payment network than BTC, Garlinghouse explained the operation of Ripple, it went thus: “I explain to people that when my Mom asks me what I do, I say, ‘Mom, we sell software to banks.” Garlinghouse also confirms that XRP’s developers involved “early bitcoin engineers” who wanted to find a solution to the scaling challenges confronted by proof-of-work models and “build a better Bitcoin.”

When Garlinghouse was asked to predict the price of XRP, he stated, “I think if I could predict the price of crypto I would not be here.”  

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