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  • XRP Q3 Report – Ripple Records A Massive Decrease In XRP Sales 
  • Disregard False Speculation On FUD About XRP – Ripple 



The quarterly sale of Ripple recorded at the end of the Q3 indicates a massive decline of about 74% less than the $251.5 million that the company sold in Q2. The company sold an estimation of about $66.2 million of XRP in Q3 2019.

The sales figures were stated in Ripple’sQ3 2019 XRP Market report which stated that the company decided to “voluntarily provide unparalleled transparency” while influencing “others in the industry to follow its lead to build trust, foster open communication, and raise the bar industry-wide.” Going by the recent Ripple report, Ripple confirmed that, “Ripple was gifted a portion of [the 100 billion units of] XRP and periodically sells a small amount of that into the market.”

The current price analysis of Ripple shows that the XRP trading price declined by 35.4% in Q3, while the total market cap of the coin declined by 30.45 in the same period. XRP trading volume also declines by 535 FROM $39.1 billion to $18.2 billion in the same period. It was also recorded that 3 billion XRP was released from escrow during Q3, while a new figure of about 2.3 billion was put back into the new escrow contracts.

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As seen in the report, it was stated that XRP is perfect “for global payments because it is faster, less costly and far more scalable than other digital assets.” In a recent price comparison between XRP and Bitcoin in mid-October, Ripple had more hands than Bitcoin. The transaction speed of XRP was recorded at 3.80 seconds against 9.2 minutes of BTC, XRP TPS recorded 1500+ against BTC’s 7 and XRP recorded a trading fee of $0.0003 against BTC’s $0.758.

Disregard False Speculation ON FUD About XRP – RIPPLE

Ripple also addressed the rising concern about an “uptick in fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) and the false speculations about XRP.” Ripple stated that the false narratives going round about XRP which include dumping XRP, price manipulations and flooding the market through sales. The company responded that “Ripple plays a very limited role in an independent digital asset market.”

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Going by the statement by Ripple, it is the collective responsibility of users to rise above the FUD, the statement went thus: “It’s on all of us to rise above the FUD and the tone-deaf who treat digital assets like a religion instead of technologies that can solve real-world problems.” The company closed its report by stating that “Ripple will continue to take proactive steps to address misinformation and FUD while being a responsible and transparent stakeholder of XRP.”


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