Cryptocurrency News Today – Headlines for October 20

  • HTC Launches Blockchain Phone with Full Bitcoin Node Support
  • EXODUS is About Empowering the User
  • Users Can Run Full Bitcoin Node on Device

Cryptocurrency News Today – Taiwanese electronics company HTC has launched a blockchain phone barely six months after it announced a crypto-friendly smartphone. The device is called EXODUS 1s and it is a more affordable version of the flagship EXODUS 1 device from HTC which was announced last year.

This news was unveiled at the Lightning Conference which held in Berlin. The smartphone is the first device to run a full bitcoin node. It can drive transactions as well as blocks from anywhere. Phil Chen, HTC’s chief decentralized officer noted that running full nodes is essential for bitcoin’s perseverance.

Users Can Run Full Bitcoin Node on Device

The EXODUS 1s has a built-in crypto wallet, unlike traditional smartphones. It will also have the ability to run a full bitcoin node. At the moment only users in Taiwan, Europe, the UAE and Saudi Arabia will be able to order the device.

The smartphone maker also lowered the requirement for operating a node. This would make it easier for any individual to run one. The device was listed in the market with a price of $244 or 224 euros which is almost one-third of the Exodus 1 device’s price. HTC offered the phone for sale through Lightning network payment at the conference.

Exodus 1s can support 400+GB SD card which expands its memory to enable it to store the Bitcoin ledger. Currently, the ledger size is 250GB the device has an inbuilt memory of 64GB and 4GB RAM. The operating system is Android 8.1.

Chen stated that the company plans to create tools for individuals to gain access to universal basic finance. The tools would enable users to have a “virtual Swiss Bank.” However, only 27 countries will be able to order the phone for a start. The United States is not included in the list.

HTC is not the sole blockchain phone manufacturer in the globe. Samsung has also launched a built-in wallet for BTC as well as other ERC-20 tokens in its S10 device. LG is currently making plans to enter the market with its blockchain devices according to unconfirmed reports.

EXODUS is About Empowering The User

Chen said Exodus is all about empowering users with an ability to own their keys and run a full bitcoin node. He also said that the nodes are crucial and reduced the barrier for user entry into node operation. This would propagate blocks and transactions everywhere to build a strong foundation of a peer to peer cash system.


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