Cryptocurrency News Today: Headlines for October 22

  • TRON Joins the Top Two Cryptocurrencies in Opera Browser Feature
  • Opera Launches TRON Wallet Integration
  • Opera Reinforces Non-Fungible Tokens

Cryptocurrency News Today – Opera has launched a TRON wallet integration on its browser. This move gives up to 350 million users of opera access to TRC from their web browser. Users will also have access to built-in Dapps store and TRON Dapps. The feat has only been achieved by Bitcoin and Ethereum, the top two cryptocurrencies.

Opera’s Move will Push the TRON Network Globally

This move to adopt the network will give it more universal access to Dapps. Also, it would allow consumers access to lots of apps that can be found outside the Play Store and App Store. Tron has made a name for itself as the go-to platform for crypto as well as the most popular decentralized app platform which supports different gambling, trading and gaming apps.

TRON’s decentralized blockchain features high throughput, low-cost transactions and limited restrictions. These features have attracted millions of people to the network. Opera will solidify this place by giving Tron an international presence while showcasing the versatility of the blockchain.

Opera is Bringing Security, Privacy and Dynamic

Justin Sun, founder of TRON, and BitTorrent spoke about the announcement. He believes that Opera is an important software company which is bringing privacy, security and dynamic crypto capabilities to millions of users. Sun said,

We are proud to connect the largest, active blockchain ecosystem to the best web browser ever built.”

The web browser has an ad blocker, private mode, free VPN and integrated messenger. It is also a top Web3 advocate and privacy proponent. Its move to integrate bitcoin, Ethereum and Tron digital wallets have supported the objective so far.

Opera is also the first to introduce a cryptocurrency digital wallet out of all the web browsers in existence. It allows crypto transactions to be conducted safely on websites as well even when used on the mobile platform. The desktop version of Opera browser bolsters crypto assets while the crypto wallet of Opera reinforces non-fungible tokens.

The web browser has been known as an innovator in the space. Opera is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. It is also listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. More than 350 million people in the world use the fintech solutions of the browser as well as the products.

About Tron

Tron was founded in 2017 by Justin Sun. it aims to increase the decentralization of the internet using blockchain technology and decentralized apps. The network has achieved different feats such as network independence, Tron Virtual Machine and Mainnet launch. Earlier in the year, BitTorrent joined the Tron family when it was acquired and that move brought in 100 million active users to the network.

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