Ripple News Today – Top Headline for Ripple XRP, October 24

  • Ripple’s XRP in For a Massive Price Surge – Tim Draper
  • Recent Partnership and Development Will Influence the Price Trend Of XRP Positively 


Bitcoin the top running cryptocurrency in the crypto industry can be said to have had a good year so far. Several analysts at the beginning of the year have shared predictions on the coin. Whilst some analysts believe the currency will mostly experience bearish price trend, the reverse is the case of other analysts.

Tim Draper, a prominent Bitcoin bull and investment guru recently shared his thought on the recent updates going on in Ripple. He predicts a steady price trend for Ripple’s XRP before the storm hits the trading price. He states “to call Ripple developer’s actions wrong is impossible.”

In a question and answer question Draper held on Quora, the analyst was asked several questions about Ripple’s XRP. Among which is when XRP is going to achieve its quickest high profit. Draper replied to the user stating that the trading price of XRP is about to experience a massive surge. He went thus: “#XRP $XRP @TimDraper thinks its calm before the storm (explosive growth)”

Recent Partnership and Development Will Influence the Price Trend Of XRP Positively

Tim Draper is quite excited about the recent development and growth going on with XRP and Ripple Inc. in general. Going by his predictions, he sees the XRP coin surging for a short-term which he has termed the “calm before the storm or explosive growth.” Tim Draper states that: “Looking at the three-time growth of Bitcoin over the past 5 months, one would expect a similar result from XRP.”

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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The trading price of XRP is expected to have surged beyond $0.6 or even $0.9 by now, says Tim Draper. His statement was in line with the recent Ripple’s expansions and the partnerships the crypto unicorn commenced lately. He went thus: “The Company is actively developing, expanding the sphere of influence, enlisting the support of large financial institutions and constantly improving the technology of transfers.” 

Concluding his session, he said: “Also, Ripple is owned by SBI, a large corporation with companies such as R3. Everything indicates that the current situation, only the calm before the storm, in our case, before the explosive growth.”

XRP Price Prediction – Ripple Price Prediction

Ripple Inc. is the talk of the cryptocurrency industry recently due to its partnership with Athletic shoe brand New Balance to develop a Realchain blockchain technology that will check the authenticity of a selected product. Also the opening of its office in Washington, D.C. making ripple the first of its kind of do this. 

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