Dogecoin News Today – Top Headline for Dogecoin DOGE, October 25

  • Safepal and Binance Adopts Dogecoin Cryptocurrency 
  • Dogecoin’s Trading Price Responding to Safepal and Binance Partnership

Safepal recently announced its support for cryptocurrency Dogecoin, Dogecoin is the Litecoin fork cryptocurrency. Up until now, SafePal S1 has supported over 1500 cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BNB, DASH, ONE and all ERC20 tokens, plus the recent addition, Dogecoin, and BEP2 tokens. Safepal offers a secure channel to safeguard token for long-term investment. The Dogecoin will soon make a grand entry into another U.S- based exchange, this is due to the influence of Binance. In the wee hour of Today, Binance announced that it will list Dogecoin (DOGE) crypto assets on its platform.

Binance stated that it will make available the crypto asset for trade under the DOGE/USDT trading pair. As soon as the listing is made public at 1:00 UTC, users will be able to deposit DOGE assets using Binance. Though, the withdrawal will be introduced as soon as trading goes public.

SafePal is a secure and user-friendly hardware wallet developed for public use. It is also the first hardware wallet brand invested by Binance, one of the biggest exchanges worldwide. SafePal S1, its first flagship hardware wallet, embraces several phases of security structures and in-built user interfaces, permitting users to store, transfer and trade coins in the wallet most easily. The company aims to ease the transaction process of its users.

Dogecoin’s Trading Price Responding to Safepal and Binance Partnership

The recent development with Dogecoin is happening just a few days after Safepal announced its support for Dogecoin. This announcement was made public on October 15, 2019. The official statement released went thus: “SafePal is now officially supporting Dogecoin!” Going by SafePal’s statement, they claim to be the first hardware wallet that has the support of Binance Labs.

With the partnership, the trading price of Dogecoin seems to be going through a positive surge. An increasing move has been observed in the movement of Dogecoin after the development. Before the development, Dogecoin was previously in the same direction with some cryptocurrencies in the market trading in the bearish zone. Shortly after the announcement of the adoption, the price took a turn around positively, Dogecoin is now on the upside trend of the market with 2.62% added value in the last 24 hours as 90% of assets tanks. 

Currently, the cryptocurrency is trading in the same zone with crypto giant Bitcoin. BTC is currently valued at $0.002539, and Dogecoin has added a 5.94% value against the leading cryptocurrency.

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