TRON News Today – Headlines For October 30

  • TRX Gains 50% In Value In One Week
  • China and Samsung’s Blockchain Support Pushed TRX Price Higher
  • Samsung Leads The Pack For Blockchain Integration

Tron News Today – Tron has been on the positive side of the news in recent times since the delayed lunch debacle of founder Justin Sun. The coin took a serious beating and even lost its position in the list of top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap. TRX traded sideways for a while until recently when its luck changed. It all started with an expected announcement by Sun which will bring a new partnership for the network.

TRON (TRX) Price Today – TRX / USD


Members of the community have been bullish about the prospects of Tron in recent times. TRX recorded more than 50% gains in one week as it continues on a bullish path. Since the bullish reversal started, TRX price has been up by 53.5%. The price of TRX tested its short term high of $0.023.

TRX Price Surge Is Linked to Samsung’s Extended Support for Tron on its Blockchain Keystore

In the last quarter, the entire crypto market saw a one-sided growth as bitcoin’s dominance continued to grow. At press time, bitcoin dominance is at 67%. Sadly, the expected alt season has not kicked off yet for the year.

Also, China’s entrance into the blockchain industry has been beneficial for Bitcoin price as well as DApps and smart contract platforms. Tron was not the only cryptocurrency that benefited from China, NEO also gained close to 56% as the Chinese interest in blockchain grows.

Tron had gained 35% on 29th October until the Samsung Developer Conference took place. The event was an opportunity for Tron and another blockchain team known as Klaytn to attract developers.

Sun Made The Big Announcement at The Conference

Founder of Tron, Justin Sun announced the long awaited partnership with Samsung at the conference. He said that the integration means that TRX will be a crucial element in developing DApps for Samsung Smartphones.

Earlier, Samsung enabled its S10 devices to store crypto. TRX can now be stored and also managed in the S10 series as well as the Note 10 device. The apps will have access to the cryptos natively now. This news was taken well by the Tron community as the price of the digital asset jumped by double digits.

Samsung has started the blockchain implementation of its Galaxy S10 model and the Note10. The South Korean tech giant created a blockchain Keystore app that allows SDK integration. This will make it easier to build DApps for smartphones. Also, the Samsung smartphones support Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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