Cardano News Today – Top Headline for Cardano ADA, November 1st


  • Cardano Releases Updates For Daedalus Wallet Before the LAUNCH OF SHELLY’S INCENTIVIZED TESTNET
  • New Features and Error Fixing


In the past few weeks, Cardano has been rolling out series of updates, introducing several collaborations as well as preparing to launch Shelley’s incentivized testnet. Recently the blockchain company released its latest update of the Daedalus wallet which has gone live on the Cardano mainnet. The Daedalus wallet update is to come a few days before the Shelley incentivized testnet is set to launch. The update will come with new features like an integrated newsfeed and a redesigned user interface.

On October 31st, 2019, Version 0.15.0 of the Daedalus wallet has been released on the Cardano mainnet. As stated by the company’s press release the update has brought about “important” changes to Daedalus, the main change the update brought is the introduction of a newsfeed that is apart from a redesigned user interface and a new wallet recovery phrase verification system. Daedalus users will now be able to have four different types of news about the latest developments in the crypto industry delivered to them through the wallet. The recovery verification system will alert users of their recovery phrase that has not been verified for a long time.

New Features and Error Fixing

Cardano aims at using the update to fix problems users logged with the previous version of Daedalus and also introduces new features. Going by the company’s press release, the old version was having issues with the user interface as that was most of the complaint from users. To solve this issue, v0.15.0 improved checks on the available hard drive space, introduced transparent scroll bars to free up space and repositioned icons for external links and clipboard copying.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


The vice of this new update is that it does not allow users in Japan to redeem their vouchers from Cardano’s ADA pre-sale directly from the Daedalus interface. A large number of users are projected to transfer their ADA to Daedalus in preparation for the network snapshot. In a press release by the company early last month, the Cardano team stated that the snapshot will be taken to know the state of the network after which all the ADA held by the users will be transferred to the testnet. Also, users who have earned some ADA coins by staking or delegating on the testnet will be able to withdraw it to the mainnet and transfer them back to their wallets.


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