Bitcoin News Today – Headlines for November 2

  • Bitcoin (BTC) has outperformed the S&P 500 since 2013
  • Bitcoin has generated return of 132 percent this year alone
  • Cryptocurrency would continue to outperform stocks for the next years

Bitcoin News Today – Recent data reveals that Bitcoin (BTC) has outpaced S&P 500 since 2013. S&P 500 is one of the most popular stock indexes in the world. According to a recent report by Coinbase – a digital currency trading platform and wallet service based in the United States – Bitcoin (BTC) has been outperforming the most popular stock indexes in the world. The whitepaper of Bitcoin (BTC) recently turned 11 years old, and that was the day that Coinbase released its latest report

The report of Coinbase claimed that Bitcoin (BTC) has outperformed the S&P 2013 and tech stores since 2013. A snippet of the report states:

While the performance of Bitcoin fluctuates, it is trending up and to the right following many bull runs. This year, Bitcoin (BTC) has also outperformed world stock market indexes.”

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Bitcoin (BTC) Is Up By More than 130 Percent This Year Alone

In the report, Coinbase pointed out that the price of Bitcoin (BTC) has surged by an impressive 132 percent this year alone. In comparison, the Nasdaq 100 only made a return of 17 percent, the S&P generated 12 percent, the FTSE Europe 100 generated 11 percent, and the FTSE ASEAN 40 went down by 3 percent.

Coinbase recently carried out a national survey with Qriously, with 4,415 respondents. The result of the survey showed that most investors were outwardly convinced that digital currencies such as Bitcoin would have a higher return than index funds, exchange-traded funds, and stock in their own firm 10 years from now. The report of Coinbase estimates that 27 million US citizens have been using the largest digital currency in the world in 2019, which translates to just 9 percent of the United States population.

This means that the adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) is still in its early stages and it needs time to flourish. According to the report:

“Email was invented in 1972, but it took until 1997 to adopt, surpassing 10 million people. The television set was invented in 1927, but by the late 1940s, only 2 percent of American families had one.”

Digital Currency Would Continue to Post Better Performance than Stocks

Earlier this year, Anthony Pompliano – the co-founder of Morgan Creek – said that holding 1 percent Bitcoin and 99 percent cash over the past 10 years was a better investment than investing in the greatest stock market bull run in history. Sharing his bullish sentiment, Pompliano said that digital currencies would continue to outperform stocks for the next ten years too.

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