Cardano News Today – Headlines for November 4

  • Charles Hoskinson holds another surprise AMA session
  • Hoskinson updates the community on the upgrades of the network
  • Cardano partners with COTI to further boost the adoption of ADA

Cardano News Today – There seem to be a lot of activities going on in the ecosystem of Cardano. The Co-Founder of Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) – Charles Hoskinson – has been announcing a series of developments on the network. The ecosystem of Cardano has been making waves with upgrades and developments. A couple of days after holding a scheduled “ask me anything” session, Hoskinson hosted another surprise “ask me anything” session. In this session of the AMA, he updated the Cardano community on the progress of the much-awaited explorers. Charles Hoskinson said:

We are almost ready to launch out Shelley Explorer and there will be kind of two versions – a basic one and a more advanced with more features and functionality. And we have learned a lot about user experience, we have learned a lot about requirements from those who desire to stake.”

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


Cardano Set to Roll out Its Upgrade in Phases

At the moment, the dev team behind the upgrade wants to get the network testnet stable. They also have plans to branch into two testnets. The first one would be the stable test line for long-term release; this is where the airdrop would be conducted. The second one is for experimental testnet, where they plan to rapidly change and add things.

During the AMA session, the co-founder of IOHK also revealed that the backend of the Haskell wallet was also maturing to a point where it was ready to be bundled with Jormungandr. Rather than using Jormungandr for the functionality of the wallet, they will use the backend of the Haskell wallet. Since it is connected with the wallet of Cardano, Daedalus, the dev team would be able to pull in GUI for the first time with the testnet. They touted this development as a standard for the snapshot that legacy address support.

Cardano Is Pushing for Mainstream Crypto Adoption

Cardano is pushing for mass adoption of digital currency with its new wallet upgrade and its latest collaboration with COTI. With its latest partnership, users will be able to shop online using the native currency of Cardano – ADA – to make everyday purchases. Recently, Cardano announced “Pay with ADA,” a new platform the project is currently working on for merchants. The platform would let merchants accept ADA as payment with near-instant settlement into 35 fiat currencies, directly into the bank accounts of the merchants. This is a welcome development that could have a significant impact on the adoption of Cardano (ADA).

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